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Internet sharing between 2+ companies

By ACheetham ·
I have been asked to look into setting up a network for a building that will house a number of small companies.

The building is being designed to provide small / start-up businesses with managed office space to help them get going. One of the service we are looking to provide them is a ready to use network and Internet connection.

As I see it at the minute my options are:
1, Provide a separate wired network in each office along with its own Internet connection. (Pros: simple setup. Cons: Inhibets a company exapanding into two or more offices. The cost for internet connection per tenant will be higher)

2, Have a single Internet connection for the building and aim to share that between all the offices in the building through a wired or more preferably wireless network. With each of the companies on there own sub domain.
(Pros: Expansion into a second or third office is no problem. Cost of internet connection will be shared between all tenants. Cons:Much more complex setup)

At present I have the knowhow to go ahead and impliment option 1, however I am interested in investigating option 2.
How would I go about designing and setting up such a system?

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by CG IT In reply to Internet sharing between ...

First is whether the ISP can provide the level of service to the building that you'll need. You ISP would be better in answering your questions of whether you can get one address on the BIG pipe [assigned to the building] and you yourself subnet it out to your tenants, or if they have to provide multiple connects in. Their equipment availability determines what you will get. What you get in service to provide your clients., in part, determines how you can setup the service to them. It also determines the cost of equipment you'll need. If you get in a T3 large bandwidth, you'll need a Access router that can handle a T3 in and a managed switch. You then have to setup subnets for each office. You can setup wireless access points in each office, each on its own subnet or provide a wired solution. Again it all depends upon what kinds of service you can get into the building.

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by ippirate In reply to Internet sharing between ...

Another possible solution that you may want to look into is the establishment of workgroups instead of a domain. This relieves a lot of overhead that can be redistributed to other areas, taken up as profit or passed on to your tenets as savings.

Possibly install individual WAPs in each office office block, WEP them and then give each PC access to the network through that WAP only. This gives a pseudo dedicated pipe, creates a point for closing troubleshooting and also helps to control connectivity/security.

Second, utilize a firewall at the edge, a DSL modem unless you are planning on having some real power users on the network, and utilized static IPs instead of dynamic assignment. Assign those IP's in blocks. This provides outfacing security and builds in limitations to rouge introduction

Next, load a client firewall on each PC such as Symantec Client Security. In your client firewall rules base, make a trust relationship inside the IP block. This creates connectivity between interoffice users and excludes outside users.

Fourth, create a workgroup for each individual company. Company ABC-Workgroup ABC, Company 123-Workgroup 123. Identifies and groups your individual accounts.

Pros? Lower overhead, simpler setup and transitions

Cons? No real central management and easier for predatory personalities.

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by wlbowers In reply to Internet sharing between ...

What you are suggesting to do sounds great at onset. But you have to look at the possibles.

You will have a room for telephone and fire alarm controls and connections.

Design a little extra area and add air conditioning in to the room. Do not put anything in this room but telephone, and fire alarm, and computer connections. No motor or light controls, no large transformers, ect.

Install a cat5 rack and prewire all rooms with gigabyte cat5 or 6. Bring these connections to patch panels in the rack.

You can use cat5 for telephone connections as well as ethernet.

Once you have the rooms cabled to this location you can do anything you want from the patch panels.

Combined connections to hubs, routers, well you get the idea.

Now if you want to provide a combined service package. Get with a service provider that deal with frame relay packages. Verizon is one.

They can bring a partial or complete frame connection into the building. Telephone, internet access, direct tunneling. All can be provided through the frame connection.

With their frame connection in place they can provide the services requested by a tenant all the way to VOIP.

Good Luck Lee

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by tarheelwolfpack In reply to Internet sharing between ...

i used option 2 for a similiar setup at my company. We had a consultant provide all necessary parts and design along with our input.

1 T1 internet connection with each tenant on its own VLAN on 6509 Cisco Core switches.

shoot me an email if u have more questions

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