Internet Sharing between PC & Laptop over Bluetooth

By webdigr ·
Hi Friends,
I've a typical situation here:
1. A PC with Vista Ultimate installed and a Bluetooth dongle (Widcomm drivers) connected to a broadband internet via LAN card.
2. A laptop with Windows XP and bluetooth inbuilt.

Now I wish to share the internet connection of the desktop to the laptop over bluetooth. Is it possible?
I've enabled Bluetooth PAN connection between the two and I can even access file share between the two over bluetooth... Can I now jump to the next step somehow?
Thanks in advance!

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Also an error in ICS

by webdigr In reply to Internet Sharing between ...

One more issue I face in Vista is that when I try to enable the ICS for the internet connection, I get this error "An error occurred while Internet connection sharing was being enabled.

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Entry from the event log

by webdigr In reply to Also an error in ICS

OK, here's another update:
I stumbled upon the Event viewer of the system and the log entry corresponding to the ICS error says:
"The ICS_IPV6 was unable to allocate bytes of memory. This may indicate that the system is low on virtual memory, or that the memory manager has encountered an internal error."

Yes that special character is there before the word 'bytes'!

Now it seems the problem is with the IPv6. My ISP surely doesn't provide anything on IPv6. So can I somehow remove it completely? I've already unchecked it from my network properties, but no use!

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Here is a link

by The Scummy One In reply to Internet Sharing between ...,289625,sid40_gci1045639,00.html

While I have not tried this through BT, I would think that it would be a bit slow. May I ask why not a wireless router?

Oh, and the link I gave also mentions issues with ICS as well. So you are not alone

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Thanks for the pointer

by webdigr In reply to Here is a link

Hi buddy,
Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it didn't prove very helpful to me, as this wizard that she's talking about is way too different in Vista compared to XP. Moreover, in my case, the network bridge simply doesn't work, cause if I create a bridge, I immediately lose the internet connection... And can't retrieve it without removing the bridge.

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