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Internet sharing on LAN

By viplav76 ·
Current LAN:
Win2000 Advanced Server (1)
6 nodes (8 having win98,1 having win2k professional)
win2K Professional machine has 2 NIC's.
1 - for Local LAN
2 - Cable Internet

I wish to share this Internet connection on the Local LAN.
I also need a good diagnostic utility to check the network performance & troubleshoot problems like file sharing access denial etc.


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by erikdr In reply to Internet sharing on LAN

1) For Internet sharing, use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) which is part of W2K Pro. Take care that it will install a DHCP server which might conflict with the DHCP server usually installed on Advanced Server. So synchronise those settings.
2) Diag utils - well did you look into the MS W2K Server resource kit already? Only if that does not offer sufficient tools then
a) Hunt for freeware tools
b) If again not flexible or friendly enough, go for commercial stuff. For networks WhatsUp Gold is a good reference tool (compare all competitors for price/value), for servers most tools (e.g. NetIQ, Quest, MS MOM) focus on problem preventing and not on drill-down diagnostics like you mention.


<Erik> - The Netherlands

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Internet sharing on LAN

To set up with that machine as the gateway do as Erik said and also install a bloody good anti-virus and firewall apps on the gateway.

But I would recommend you spend the money to get a good Cable Internet router with Network Address Translation and some firewall capability and set that up as your gateway connected straight to your switch. this will provide better security and simplify setup and administration, also leave that PC free for other use.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Internet sharing on LAN

You could use the ICS which is part of w2k so you won't spent additional money.
However for the amount of pc's and protection that you want I would suggest to investemnt in a firewall. You would be able to block porstscanning, DOS attacks etc, and also be able to block ports (kazaa) and allow only certain programs to connect to the internet.


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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Internet sharing on LAN

Install support tools from 2k svr cd then run netdiag to ensure that DNS is functioning properly. (MS has good white papers on DNS config)If DNS is properly config then you can use ISP DNS servers as forwarders, put DNS servers on WS to point to your PDC (DNS Svr) You should have some kind of FW on Cable Internert even if its a inexpensive home router/FW use its local IP as default gateway for svr and WS. I don't like ICS so I won't go into its config though that is also an option if you want the ICS to be running a FW app. such as Zone Alarm.

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