Internet Sharing Problem

By virdevinderpal ·
I was using internet on my desktop and now i want to use the same line on both my laptop and desktop. I am having optus cable connection and the have not assigned any ip for TCP/IP. Its automatically obatain ip. I am using the Dlink 5 port switch for networking with cat cable. when i check Ip by typing ipconfig/all differents ips apperas on laptop and desktop. DNS servers ip are same for both but the default gateway and ip address are different for both the system. Now please insist me as i want to run internet on both of my systems. Indiviusally it works on both system. Please tell me the solutin for this problem as soon as possible. If any further query is there u may ask without any hesitation at

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Plug the Optus Modem into a Hub

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Sharing Problem

And then with CAT 5 cables connect any other computers to the HUB and you'll have all your computers connecting to the Internet.

If you are using a Cable Optus Modem you need to connect this directly to the RJ45 Port in one computer preferably a Desktop and then add another Network Card to that computer. Then if there is only one more computer to connect use a crossover CAT 5 cable to the other computer and run the Network Setup Wizard on the Desktop telling the computer that it connects directly to the Internet and that other computers on your LAN connect through it. On the other computer tell it that it connects through a Residential Gateway or another computer and follow the prompts and you will have both computers working and sharing the one Internet connection. If there are more than 2 computers involved connect the second Network Card to a Hub and then connect the other computers through the Hub to share the Internet connection. Even if you are only attempting to use 2 computers this way it's better to use a Hub and do not have a Crossover cable in the place. If you simply must have a Crossover cable make sure that it's a different colour to any CAT 5 Cables currently in use Black is the best that way you'll never get it mixed up and stop the LAN for working.

It might sound silly but several shops in AU are selling crossover cables in the same colour as normal CAT 5 cables and they are a disaster waiting to happen. Officeworks and CAT 6 cables are a perfect example of this as all the CAT 6 cables are red no matter if they are straight through or crossover cables the crossover cables have some sticky paper on each end which disappears within the first 6 months of them being used and then you need a cable tester to find out which cable is which. Having wasted 6 days working out what an apprentice had done to cripple a LAN with a Crossover Cable placed nearly at the beginning I can assure you that I'm no great lover of Crossover Cables and with the cost of them it's just about the same as using a cheap Hub and straight CAT 5 cables which is much safer.


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