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Internet slowdown; OK in AM, PM slow

By aszunick ·
This is a strange one. I am using DSL as an internet broadband source. The DSL works fine. I've confirmed this by using it on a MacIntosh.

My Dell 4600 PC is the source of my problem. In the AM everything works fine. Speed is good and access to websites are normal.

Late in the PM and all evening, the bottom drops out and the internet access is worse than a dialup. Sometimes it will not access and I get a "time out" or "page can't be displayed". Try it a couple more times and it will slowly access the site. At this time the MacIntosh on the network continues to blaze along. I've done everything I can think of. Remove Adware, Spybot, Up to date virus protection etc.....
I've reset the Linsys to factory defaults and reconfigured it a couple of time without success.

What am I missing?? Yes, more internet traffic at the problem hours......but the Mac continues to work fine.

Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Internet slowdown; OK in ...


I have had two similar problems with my home system accessing broadband. The solutions were as folows:

1. The cable that ran from the wallplug to the modem was too long. I had been using a 20m long cable, and the ISP said they only guaranteed the connection for 10m beyond the wallplug. I got myself a 10m cable and everything was hunky-dory. The symptons I was experiencing were pretty much the same as yours.

2. My firewall's security settings went through the roof for some reason and started blocking traffic, slowing down my connection. Again, tech support came to the rescue and suggested uninstalling, then reinstalling my firewall and everything returned to normal.

Good luck

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by aszunick In reply to

Thanks for the response. The bottom line is everything works well in the AM...I'm using the firewall in the router and I've tried turning that off too. I thought about heat and the NIC card so I left everything on all night. All OK in AM. I'm sure I'll have the same problem later in the day. The PC will exhibit the same problem and the MAC will run fine. Nothing scheduled. I'll try another PC later.
Thanks Again for the response.........Arnie

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by OTL In reply to Internet slowdown; OK in ...

May want to check for spy-ware.

Also what scheduled tasks are running at that time ? How often do they attempt to check for updates ? AV full system scan and an anti-spyware scan at the same time would overload the system especially if you are attempting to check for updates during this same time period.

May find rescheduling some scheduled tasks will speed up your system.

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by aszunick In reply to

As they say "been there done that".
See my response to BlackCurrant above.
It's really got far.
Thanks for the response......Arnie

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Internet slowdown; OK in ...

Do you turn any house-hold appliances (like a fan) on the time your internet speed is slowing down? It may be that some EMI interfere with the nic from that pc (the other pc having better EMI protection)

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by rspottsmercy In reply to Internet slowdown; OK in ...

Just so people don't think you are crazy, here is my similar problem. DSL works extremely slow when running IE or Netscape. If I log in to AOL the DSL is extremely fast. This is the same computer. On the other household computer using wireless, the connection is also extremely fast. There is no spyware, I think somewhere there has to be a setting that will not let browsers access the connection as fast as it should. BTW the bandwidth tests always come back 1150 to 2350 even when it accesses the internet slowly.

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