Internet slows down over time

By vin1 ·
So I have 2 computers in my house, 1 wired and 1 wireless. Only my wireless computer is slowing down. When I just turn on my computer the Internet is fine but after like 1-2 hours the internet gets REALLY slow and I cant even watch videos and everything loads slow. If I restart my computer or router my internet will go back to normal. I also have verizon fios if it helps.

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Well it would help more to tell us what OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet slows down over ...

Is being used here but from your description on the WiFi Link it seems as if the Security it employs is getting bogged down and causing Dropped Packets.

I suppose you realize that Wireless networks are always slower that wired ones and require much more security to prevent Data Theft don't you?

It's also possible that after several hours that someone has cracked your WiFi LAN and is freaking your Computer which is causing the slow down. So when you restart it it appears to the Router to be a different computer.

Are you in a heavy Population Area or isolated that could account for problems to.


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