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By jeffersnet ·
I used to work for a company that had 3 T-1 lines for 200 people at one office and now I work for a smaller company with 5 people and a DSL connection. My Internet performance is so much better at this location but doing different performance tests on the Internet gives me about the same results as I used to get at my other company.

Just because I am curious I was wondering if anyone can explain why I would be getting better performance here even though tests such as the one found at show them to be about equal. Routers and Internet connections are not my specialty but I am always wondering why things work like they do.

Thanks to anyone willing to give this a stab.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Internet speed/bandwidth

A single T1 line is supposed to be up to 4MHZ
Its specific bandwith for your interface to
network depends how the bandwidth is parcelled
up to support those phone lines too. A T1 can
support up to 24 phone lines. Maybe that
does or doesn't help.

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by Jaqui In reply to Internet speed/bandwidth

the systems connecting through the t1s had 10mb nics and now you have 100mb nic.

also, the dsl modem may be capable of almost the same data transfer speed of the t1s
( I've heard of some dsl at 10 megabyte data transfer rates, as opposed to the standard 100 megabit )

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by jeffersnet In reply to or,

At my old job I had a computer with two 100Mb nics and at home I just have one 100Mb nic. My DSL service just must be good.


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