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internet speed optimization

By alex_mwalusaka ·
i have an internet cafe with 8 computers. i am using a point to point wireless connection and on 32kb bandwidth.

my local area network is running at 10mbs.

the problem am having is that the browsing speed is tends to slow down and i can't monitor the bandwith am recieving and using.

how can i optimize it.

wplease help, clients are running away

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by Jaqui In reply to internet speed optimizati ...

increase the transfer spped on the point to point connection.
32kb is extremely slow.

allow them the full speed of the internet connection.

would also recommend getting a gigabit nic instead of the 10 mb nic.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to internet speed optimizati ...

these days malware is usually the culprit. what do you find with ad-aware and spybot? what do you see the browser *really* going to when you type in, say, google. (watch the address in the status bar at the bottom). go to and run the bandwidth tester for a baseline and let us know what you get. maybe take all the computers off the network and one by one put back on and bandwidth test. you sure there is nothing to explain this like rain, snow. what exactly do you mean you are using point to point wireless. do you receive internet service via wireless connection to your isp? or do you have cable or dsl then connect it to pc's with wireless? please elaborate your setup.
what browser you guys use, i wonder. how are you on anti-virus and window updates. did you empty the caches. most simple answer to me is stuff is hogging the bandwidth, sounds like. stuff like mal-ware, viruii, updates for say, realplayer, anti-virus, windows and other programs. disconnect each pc from internet, run your updated spyware and anti-virus programs in safe mode. reboot. repeat. until reported clean more than one time in a row. wonder if it *is* internet related. if you think not, check each nic properties, see if you getting a lot of collisions anywhere. a bad nic can blat lots of stuff over the network. do you have switch or hub. what has changed lately. see if all (nics., switches, router) locked together at 10mb half duplex. see if any cables look bad. replace any lately? put on firewalls and malware blockers such as ad-aware from or spybot from say do you have new cell phones in store or new a/c unit or leaking microwave oven. did you move anything

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