Internet stop working when i connect a particular computer to network

By Jamshiyas ·
I have a network with 48 PCs among which 43 PCs are clients of a windows 2003 domain controller and others are not a part of domain. DSL router is connected to the main switch through which everyone is accessing internet. Now my problem is, when i try to connect one particular computer(Dell Optiplex 760 with Windows XP Pro) to an edge switch(which is connected to the main switch), everyone's internet gets disconnected. As soon as I remove it from network, internet is working as before. I formated the particular computer completely and re-installed.Well,it worked for few days and now the problem started again. Weird part is sometimes the same computer works in the same network without making any problem. Anyone has any clue about such a problem? I couldn't find any suspicious programs running also. Please help...Thank you in advance.

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Internet stop working when i connect a particular computer to network

by abilash.s In reply to Internet stop working whe ...

Check the below mentioned options:

1) any IP address clash. When the problem occurs, try to ping from the client PCs the public or gateway Ip addresses. Do a trace route.

2) I'm considering that you are not creating any loop in the network while making connectivity changes.

3) Go through the logs of the L2 switch and L3 device.

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Re:Internet stop working

by Jamshiyas In reply to Internet stop working whe ...

Hi Mr.Abilash
Thank you very much for your reply. Please see the explanations for your points below:
1) There is no IP address conflict. The computer is assigned with static IP and I confirmed no other computer has the same IP with an IPScanner. Also this IP is excluded from the DHCP scope.
2)There is no looping in the network. Few other computers are connected from the same switch which are all working fine. All the cables are labelled, and only one backbone cable is connected to main switch
3)All the switches we have are basic 3-Com switches. No VLANs are created & no IP is assigned to the switches.So is it possible to get logs from these switches?
Also, is it possible to get any useful logs from the ADSL router?(it is a Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway)
Thank you once more.

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Broadcast storm?

by DMambo In reply to Internet stop working whe ...

How is the edge switch connected to the main switch? It might help to go from port1 to port 1 on the main. Also, do you need a cross-over cable to connect the downline switch?

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Re: Problem kinda solved!

by Jamshiyas In reply to Broadcast storm?

Thank you very much for your reply. Finally after many attempts,I could figure out that the problem was with the NIC card of this computer. After fixing a new Network card to the PCI slot, everything is working fine now. Though not very clear about the technical reason, I guess the reason is some hardware malfunction which results in sending abnormal data packets to the network. May be :-) Any idea??
Thank you....hav a nice day...

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