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Internet Surfing Safely

By leyzinsmail ·
what is better way of surfing the internet without being monitored or spied on?

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by j.lupo In reply to Internet Surfing Safely

There is no one great answer to your question. However there are several things you should do.
1. make sure you have a good firewall
2. use a good webbrowser - firefox is awsome and doesn't have the security issues others have. Though there may be other good ones.
3. have good anti-virus and malware readily installed in case somethign gets through
4. Install filter software that can help protect you from malicious e-mail
5. Use a good pop-up blocker - again Firefox has a lot of tools that you can add on, but there are others that might be better.

I am sure there are many other things to do, but this is just a short list of the primary things to consider.

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by Tig2 In reply to Internet Surfing Safely

Zone Alarm Suite. It is the simplest tool to use, provides email protection, pop-up protection, spy/ad/malware protection and an easy to use firewall.

It can be configured to your own level of expertise and "stealths" your IP to make you unidentifiable.

You can find out more at

There are certainly others out there but Zone is my personal favourite.

Happy surfing!

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to Internet Surfing Safely

Use the Mcafee Security suite it is a great security product. i have used it for the last 2 years and i never regret buying and using it. It has anti-virus, firewall, spamkiller, and privacy service. the privacy service is great for blocking websites and you can even block the web banners from appearing. best of all, you can restrict internet usage to specific times during the day. the anti-virus software is great, it even sets up its own schedule so you don't have to worry about scanning for virus on your own time. the firewall is great, it will block every single thing that tries to hack your computer. and it will also ask you what type of access you wish to allow programs. it even has a built in tool to see where the attack is coming from, and who it is that is doing it. the spamkiller service is great, it will automatically find your email accounts for you and set them up. you can even set it up to allow certain emails from certain people and also set it up to where it will not even show spam emails. the autoupdater is great. you can set it up to automatically install updates, and it will only tell you when the product has been updated. there is a virus alert feature that will tell you about the new viruses. and it even has a feature to where to can change your configurations back to the way you had them for the software if something changes it. well i hope this helps you. if you do decide to get this, and you have questions you can email me.

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