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Internet To Shut Down Tomorrow

By TomSal ·
By now I'm sure you have read the story or heard about the "critical flaw" found in "the underlying technology for nearly all Internet traffic" (quoted from article).

The British government announced it yesterday (Tuesday) that the vulnerability in core Internet technology exists. If left unaddressed, it could allow hackers to knock computers offline and general cause widespread outages accross the 'net.

Talking to co-workers, one of the guys said he "heard" that the exploit basically can cause routers to restart. Cisco also announced that their most popular routers are vulnerable to this flaw as well. Great Cisco only runs what...50% (conservatively) of the 'net, with its routers?

I know our company is based on Cisco technology and so is our ISP.

So anyone hear about this, what are your thoughts? Should we be concerned for our businesses or how it effects our Internet based customer transactions?

The story I read is at:

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$1,000 says it won't

by maxwell edison In reply to Internet To Shut Down Tom ...
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by Cactus Pete In reply to $1,000 says it won't

I have a machine called "internet" which I'll be happy to shut down for a grand.

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How 'bout this. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to OK

I, too, have a machine called "Internet", and I'll be happy to bet a grand that you can't shut it down.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to How 'bout this. . .


If you have no additional parameters, I'll take that bet.

Of course, you'd have to tell me where it is, at least. Want me to try it Sunday afternoon?

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Don't forget the scheduled maintenance shutdown

by maxwell edison In reply to Internet To Shut Down Tom ...

As many of you know, each year the Internet must be shut down for 24 hours in order to allow us to clean it. The cleaning process, which eliminates dead email and inactive ftp, www and gopher sites, allows for a better-working and faster internet.

This year, the cleaning process will take place from 12:01 a.m. GMT on ***** until 12:01 a.m. GMT on *****. During that 24-hour period, five powerful internet-crawling robots situated around the world will search the internet and delete any data that they find.

In order to protect your valuable data from deletion we ask that you do the following:

1. Disconnect all terminals and local area networks from their internet connections.

2. Shut down all internet servers, or disconnect them from the internet.

3. Disconnect all disks and hard drives from any connections to the internet.

4. Refrain from connecting any computer to the internet in any way.

We understand the inconvenience that this may cause some internet users, and we apologise. However, we are certain that any inconveniences will be more than made up for by the increased speed and efficiency of the internet, once it has been cleared of electronic flotsam and jetsam.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Kim Dereksen
Interconnected Network Maintenance staff
Main branch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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is this for real?

by jkaras In reply to Don't forget the schedule ...

Max inside the article it never posted this so called shutting down of the internet or a scheduled date. It makes sense that this has to happen from time to time but I have never heard of this procedure nor was it taught or talked about in my current studies at school. If this has to happen why during a weekday and not during the weekend? I'll chalk this up to internet hoax and myths and have a good chuckle.

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Pssss - Don't tell anyone. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to is this for real?

.....but it's one of those Internet hoaxes, not to be taken seriously, that finds its way into all too many inboxes.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Pssss - Don't tell anyone ...

And I just shut down all of my servers

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I don't believe it either

by adam_molina In reply to is this for real?

I don't believe it either. That sounds like a scam to support that flaw. What if there isn't a flaw at all. So they have to come up with a statement to ensure that people will disconnect from the Internet. I haven't taken anything like this at face value and I'm not starting now.

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Side note

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't forget the schedule ...

You may know better than I do so I figured I'd ask. I was watching a show about Censorship and they said that shortyly after Bush was elected, he had a team of over 200 users scour the internet for ANY derogatory or negative statements about himself and the Bush family past and have them shut down.

This was reported by a guy with his voice changed and his face fogged so I have to have my doubts. Apparently it was an effort to stop negative propaganda and his history from being aired. Now I know that all this stuff is back on (if it WAS taken off) the internet now but I don't know the credibility of such a statement, have you heard anything similar?

Would this not then become a censorship issue or something?

I don't want a long segue here but I was just wondering if it was common knowledge or just something we hear here or what?

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