Internet Upload/Download Caching Files

By defstryk686 ·

I'm having a specific problem. I'd like specific and relevant only answers.
I'll explain the setup and issue first. Then the question.

Currently I'm working at a Government of Ontario funded CAP Site (Community Access Program). It consists of 10 Public access computers located in the Library here.
Internet Service was thru a local company for free. However recently this local ISP was bought out by Shaw and they decided to start charging the Library for its Internet use.
The City Office offered to allow the Library to use their Network and Internet so they could continue their free of charge CAP Site. (If we had of stayed with Shaw, we would have had to charge people to use the computers/Internet to cover our costs).

Since we're now on the Cities Network they have ALOT of security. With Group Policies, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, etc...

The Main problem I'm having on the computers is when a user tries to either Upload pictures/files to Email(gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) AND when a user tries to download pictures/files from Email(gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc).

The process begins, but it never starts downloading, it just hangs, not frozen either.

I have some idea's as to why it is doing this, but I'd like a definate answer so I may present it to the Cities IT Department as a solution.

The City IT Techs have locked down the computers very well to make them "dummy boxes", meaning the users cannot get into anything they shouldn't beit Online or Offline.
One thing they did was Disable Access to the C: Drive. They did however provide a Networked P: (public) drive on their server for CAP users to save to.

My theory is that when a user attempts to upload or download to/from email the computer attempts to Cache the files onto the C: Drive, since there is no access to the C: Drive (you can't even see it in 'My Computer') the computer simply hangs.

Could someone please verify if this theory is correct?
Furthermore are there any solutions to this, or work-arounds?

I'm confident that giving access back to the C: Drive will solve the problem, if theres simply a specific folder that we can allow access to that would work.

Again, Looking for verification if infact Internet Explorer when attempting to Upload or Download Caches files on the C: Drive prior to doing so.
Any work-arounds. Able to change where the IExplorer caches its files, ex. point it to the P: Drive.
If no work-arounds. What the Best option would be to solve the issue.

Thank You,

Chad Poate
IT/IS Technologist

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Re: Internet Upload/Download Caching Files

by bhkolts In reply to Internet Upload/Download ...

All I have access to is IE6. To change the location of the 'temorary internet files' Tools->Internet options. In the Internet Options dialog box click on 'Settings...' in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section. In the Settings dialog box click on 'Move Folder'. Then select the folder or drive you want to change to. Click OK back through all the dialog boxes. You may have to restart IE for the changes to take hold.

Hope this helps,

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