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By cliff680 ·
Does anyone know of a way to alert users that their internet usage is being monitored. What I would like, is for a box to pop up after the login script has run to say that internet usage is being monitored, and the user needs to click ok to get ridof it.

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Why not add it to

by admin In reply to Internet Usage

the Login Banner? Then your user doesn't have an extra step. We make every employee sign off on our policies, but its a good idea :)

Here's a link to NT or 2k setup for this if it's helpful.
Since the links here in the discussion area are insipid, you will have to join it back together to use it....

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RE: Why not add it to

by cliff680 In reply to Why not add it to

I add this to the server?

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Try Kix

by Naamor In reply to Internet Usage

You could write a Kix login script that would alert them. As part of the process they would have to click YES they accept this in which case the PC continues to logon or NO which would immediatly log them off.

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RE: Try Kix

by cliff680 In reply to Try Kix

What is a kix login script??

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by Naamor In reply to RE: Try Kix

KiXtart ( a logon script processor and enhanced batch scripting language for computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows 9x in a Windows Networking environment.
There is a good utility for this called KiXscripts Editor 1.1a at

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Need them to sign an agreement

by chris In reply to Internet Usage

In Australia, we are allowed to monitor web and email usage as long as staff are aware of it. To be granted web access and to have a mail box set up, all staff had to sign a document stating that they were aware that all usage is monitored and alsostating what they can and can't do. If they refused to sign the agreement, they don't have any access.

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