internet usage gone over the allowed limit?

By hhameed ·
The past month, our internet usage has ballooned and gone way over the allowed limit. 11gb over in fact, which is the first time in over three years. I have been trying to find out the cause but haven't been able to pinpoint it to one specific thing.

I have checked for viruses on the network but have been unable to find any. we use trend micro.

I have checked for p2p file downloads but havent found any. youtube is blocked.

The only thing I can think of is that remote access users have gone up in the last month or so. Is there a way to confidently say that this is the case?

we are using sbs 2003 with windows xp and windows 7 clients. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So have you been logging into your ISP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to internet usage gone over ...

And checking Daily Usage?

Or if this is a business have you got anything like Wireshark on the network to monitor Network Traffic?

If you are using 2003 as a Gateway Device even opening the Task Manager and looking at the network Traffic would be a starting point. I set Incoming the Yellow and Outgoing to Red so I can see what is coming and going.

But the reality is you have to look at the Network Traffic before doing anything else except maybe doing a daily check with the ISP on Usage.

Or check for big downloads things like Movies and Software over a FTP Link are the most obvious things but I must admit that 11 Gig isn't that much for business usage. I can download more than that in a few minutes here. However if you are paying something like 15 cents a Meg, 11 GIG is a lot of money, you should have a better plan without excess usage charges.


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Reponse To Answer

by hhameed In reply to So have you been logging ...

Thanks for the reply Col. I do have wireshark but am not very confident on how to use it. It is installed on my sbs server but will it pick up all traffic from the client machines? gateway is a separate netgear switch which cannot do much reporting on traffic.

I am paying 10 cents per meg for excess usage and have just upgraded our download limit. I would still love to really pinpoint what the cause of this extra usage is.

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Well Wireshark is ideally the best option here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to internet usage gone over ...

Just run it and start checking what is doing what.

It will cover every workstation and other device in the chain. Also start looking for weird addresses which should not be on the network. It's not the first time that I've seen someone install an open WiFi Device on a network and then use it to do as they please.

I would still check with the ISP daily to see how much is being downloaded and uploaded they should have a usage meter for you to monitor and along with Wireshark it will let you know if anything out of the ordinary is occurring.


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If all the traffic runs through the SBS,

by seanferd In reply to internet usage gone over ...

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