Internet usage policy needed

By kali_mst ·
Small company, on-line revenue 5mill+. The problem. Old School Boss don't like the internet changes & challenges. Trusts everyone.

We are strong on line now and have google prs of 1-5 on all products, now we are vulnerable.
The company has beginner computer users with administrative rights, Im working on making my boss understand the risk at this and why we keep receiving worms and mallware.

So hes starting to understand me and It has ben a NightMare, he is so old school and dont like the internet, but sure likes the leads he receives.

So im looking for an online usage policy for a company like this with 5xp beginners who like using our company email to post on forms and newsgroups including craigs list and ebay, (i think that bringings in all the spamm)


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urrggg My Boss cant turn on a computer

by kali_mst In reply to Internet policy forms...

Thanks peconet. Im going to have my lawyer edit the strickt usage policy.
Now if I could get my team to uderstand why we keep getting worms, My Bosses quote "who cares if they read our email". what do you say to that other than wishing me good luck.

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Basically they do not understand the knowledge.

It is like they are in the stone age. But let them have their fun and just you get to work on the system, lock it down so it is safe for everybody. They will be thanking you for doing so in the end, because it will be saving them money to spend on something else instead of computers/software and hardware. You might even get a raise in salary.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by PC-guru In reply to Basically they do not und ...

that is nuts ive almost never seen any business give everyone admin and unrestricted internet access...they are risking everything. i would try to implement
websense its a good program that even alows you to block proxy sites and any catergory site you tell it...very useful program.

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Boss is Nuts! Employees think Im hurting buisness stoping spamm!

by kali_mst In reply to crap

Thanks for the great suggestions but...

Yes I am installing a sonicwall when my new design is done in a few weeks,

I did restrict administrative rights from eveyone but now all the employees have my Boss convinced (since i stopped all the spamm and fake emails by deleting labraries on mail servers), "that i am hurting buisness and killing leads.."

The Employees cant download data now or visit ebay, myspace, friendster, or craigs list I blocked them all. So now Im the bad guy!,

Now what do I do or say to my Boss?

Iv been printing out info from this site to convince him, it doesnt help alot, sometimes. I did just remove the storm worm from our network, and thats was the problem employees downloading crap and viewing [pron] and classified sites in a network with no firewall, so i keep getting network worms. I also kinda killed the network by removing the printdrivers for the 4 other computers to stay a bit more safer till i set up my sonicwall and buffalo terra station. Im hating it......constant arguments with employees who are below beginer level computer users who the Boss favors. Please advise? thanks...

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Tell/ask your boss this..

Does he want to be held responsible for PORN downloads or other activity that he is not anywhere of?. If the police know about the naughty downloads then he can be jailed for nearly life or 30 years. So stand your ground and tell the others to just grow up, also warn them that if the activity continues the police can become involved and all can be held and questioned for a very long time (and this will be put on record), them ask them would they like that?.
Stand your ground, at least if they get taken away for their stupidity you are in the clear. :)
If you feel threatened by any of them then tell your boss about it or get someone to sort them out. In the end you are the good guy/girl.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Boss thinks Spam, and redirects are ok.

by kali_mst In reply to Tell/ask your boss this..

Peconet, thanks but downloading porn is not illegal in this part of the world, so thats why the employees are doing this.
Though your advice is a scare tactic and I like it, but I think those employees behind the computers will do their research and verify the same.

What Iv done is installed CA security Suite and activated the "real time protection" this feature shows the pop-up window of each browser cooking trying to be installed, It scares them I told them theye are seeing attempts from site to monitor where their surfing, It has helped bigtime!
Just being on techrepublic the "pop-up window in CA Security" shows over 200 attempts from Techrepublic trying to install browser cookies just within about 10minutes of surfing a few pages.
When employees behind a computer/beginners se the realtime protection flags it does scare them....

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The naughty sites might legal, but do you want all of those.

Trojans and worms coming from these sites to muck up the computers and also the server. I would not. Also what you (and your boss) have to think about is that if a knock comes to the door and it is the police. The naughty sites might be legal where you are but from where it is accessed from it might be illegal. That on its own is something to think about. Anyway you are doing a good job there so keep it up. And keep the boys at bay with anything you can think of (with in reason). LOL :) :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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