internet very slow

By chavy85 ·
I'm using a Dell GX 260 P4 3.0Ghz XP Pro SP2 Desktop with 80g HDD, 512MB Ram, which i recently formated and installed Bitdefender internet S. its is strictly used for office purposes and therefore doesnt have any extra programs other than office, adobe reader,etc. but the problem is, it has a very slow connection, with the outlook, it takes ages to retrieve emails and as for the internet explorer, it takes forever to open a page and at times it doesnt find the site at all untile i refresh it several times. any1 out there with any suggestion on how to solve this delema. am really loosing it. thanks

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You didn't mention its speed before the re-install ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to internet very slow

So are you saying that, since the re-install, it is now noticeably slower?

Or has it always been slow, regardless?

You might care to take a look at the settings for BitDefender - it may be set far too high, creating frugality within your internet connection.

If your system has always been slow, then in essence, any improvement would be in the hands of your ISP. Basically you only get the internet speed that you are paying for.

Check your internet connection at:

Post back with the results for Ping, Download & Upload speeds.

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speed test

by chavy85 In reply to You didn't mention its sp ...

the results i got from the speed test:
download 0.44mb/s, upload 0.11mb/s
and i think thats what i am paying for.
well its the first time using the computers, i bought them second hand and reinstalled windows on them. but the older p3 that i was using connect faster.

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Don't forget that local time is also a factor ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to speed test

Depending on your geographic location (City, Suburbs, Out in the Sticks) your linear distance to the nearest telephone exchange, governs the length of copper cable your signal must travel to actually reach any point of interaction. The closer you are to the exchange the better.

Also, the time of day will have an influence - when every man and his dog are online, you only get a share of the available bandwidth on that copper cable.

When the rest of the local community is asleep (or at work) you will find your SpeedTest results vary greatly.

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If you use the older P3 now,

by seanferd In reply to speed test

does it still connect faster?

You may also wish to consider other possible differences - check the Ethernet adapter for speed or malfunction, check cables. Do you use USB rather than Ethernet cables now? Is there a bigger and busier network now? Is there maybe a current problem with the ISP network? Misconfigured network settings?

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