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Internet videos won't automatically play in windows media player 11

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here TechRepublic.

I am looking for some help or advice on my problem. Once upon a time (a few days ago) when I would click on a .mpeg or .wmv file on an internet site, windows media player 11 would open, buffer, and play the video no problem. But now, for some reason, if I want to watch a video on the internet, i have to first save it to disk, then open it from there. Finding this problem very frustrating.

Heres a bit of info about my computer;

-Laptop running windows vista home premium(32bit)
-2 gig ram
-nVidia 8600GT M graphics
-Intel core2 duo 2.20gHz

I am living in a student house at the moment, and there about 5 of us with computers on a network, but I myself have a desktop, this laptop (where the problem resides) and a ps3 that need to be on the network. So I have my own switch wired to the main gateway of the network so accomodate all my gear, it seemed as though this problem arose when I plugged in my switch. Although after reverting back to just having my laptop directly wired to the main gateway, the problem is still there.

I know thats alot of information, but if any of you guys know what fault i have made or wrong setting i have tweaked then please do let me know. Any help at all would be awesome.

Cheers in advance.

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Windows Player Problems

by MiamiPCTech In reply to Internet videos won't aut ...

You should either re-install your current Windows media player or upgrade to the latest version. For some reason (coincidence perhaps) you file type association with your operation system was lost and re-installing the software should take care of it.

If that doesn't work perhaps they recently implemented a policy in your network where there is no streaming which would explain why you can download the video and play it locally but not stream it.

Good Luck, Ed

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WMP lost file type associations

by jcamargo0 In reply to Windows Player Problems

I have the same problem however I know it presented after I installed VLC player and modified my file type associations.

Haven't fixed it yet, but either uninstalling VLC or reinstalling WMP should fix it.

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VLC is far superior to WMP anyway so ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to WMP lost file type associ ...

I'd leave your file associations set for VLC.

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Make Windows Media Player play web videos automatically

by kconsoli In reply to Internet videos won't aut ...

All you have to do is make windows media player the default player for that file type. (mpeg in most cases) It is tricky to do that in VISTA, but here's how: Click on the web page video that you want to play. Instead of automatically playing (which you want it to), it will ask you to save the file. Save it to your desktop. Then, when you go to play the file from your desktop, right click on it, select open with, chose windows media player, and make sure the box is checked to use this as the default player for all these file types. DONE! It should now play them all automatically, the way you were used to.

I think the problem arises when you install iTunes, it over-rides the default file associations used on Windows media player, causing this hiccup to occur.

I hope this helps. I wrestled with this problem for hours until I found this fix. I really hope this helps somebody who is in the exact situation I was in. Gotta love this "Vista"...



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