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internet web links not responding

By msgwen7 ·
I've suddendly started having the problem of NONE of the web links that I get on any page are not responding. I can copy the shortcut and paste it into the address window and then I can go to the web link....but this is alot of unnecessary steps since I didn't have to do this before. Any suggestions or ideas of what the problem may be. I didn't change any settings for this to start happening.

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Well the obvious one is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to internet web links not re ...

That someone has altered your Security on IE but it could be equially possible that some newly installed program is having this affect. Have you tried installing any Spam Elimators or Pop Up Blockers recently?

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Could it be my Motherboard?

by msgwen7 In reply to Well the obvious one is

The blasted computer will work fine for awhile then start acting like it's possessed or something. Is it possible that this is a sign of my motherboard going out?

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While possible it is not likely

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Could it be my Motherboar ...

What you have to remember is that Microsoft Windows isn't the most stable OS ever invented and there are a myrid of problems in it before you even start to worry about other things.

Without knowing the OS and M'Board it is a bit hard to say but if you are running XP with SP1 installed and have an older M'Board it could be SP1 as there where quite a few bits of hardware that where XP compatable but the moment that SP1 was installed things just stoped working or worse still the HDD was wiped like one I had here several months ago. That turned out to be the DVD drive that wasn't XP SP1 compatable and it was a nightmare as I continually loaded XP and then SP1 only to see it load normally and when it came tim eto reboot things shut down OK and then nothing except "Insert a Boot Drive" or something similar.

I worked out that it was probably some form of hardware fault so I disconected everything except the DVD drive as I thought it more likely to be the CDRW. But that was another long time consuming Free job that was only susposed to take a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon when I was dropped in it by a friend. The original problem was the computer was giving a warning of imenint HDD failure and I was told that he only wanted a new HDD fitted. It should have been an easy job but turned out to be a nightmare which of course I didn't get paid for all the time that I wasted on it.

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It's probably

by LordInfidel In reply to While possible it is not ...

their damn motherboard going out every night and getting drunk.

I've seen this alot. There has been a rash of motherboards going out to the local pub and getting hammered.

They are also starting to get keen on taking heroin, so I would look for any track marks.

He may have to plan an intervention if he ever hopes on getting his motherboard back.

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