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Internet without ISP

By griffinwebnet ·
Ello All,

What I would like to know is how to become my own ISP.

I am familiar with how an isp relies on a gsp and how in order to become an isp i would have to run huge ammounts of networking cable...etc. etc.

I know how all of that stuff works.

So let me clarify:

lets assume that i were using telephone (telecom) system for my connection, and lets assume that im not trying to provide anyone but myself with this internet connection. AND PLEASE dont suggest a dial up modem. im well aware of how those work.

What i would like to do:

Set up a server system that would essentially make me a ramp onto the internet.

Can Someone explain to me the logic of how to acomplish this, as well as what software i need to accomplish this task. (im assuming that the software is going to be linux or at least unix because windows flippin sucks).

JL Griffin

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It isn't so much about equipment, it's access.

by seanferd In reply to Internet without ISP

And it can be way expensive.

But you may be able to essentially subscribe to a service which does this for you.

My friend internet search added this:

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boils down to

by Jaqui In reply to Internet without ISP

getting a dedicated line from an internet backbone, usually an OC3 or better, and paying the bucks for that line to be installed,
then paying the bucks to use it.

these type of connections generally come with a data transfer minimum, an OC3 means 1.5 terabytes a month MUST be used.
you also have to purchase a block of IP addresses.
[ oops, better start selling connections or you lose that block after a year, since you didn't use them effectively. ]

so, looking at about 2k a month to have the type of connection you want.
or pay the 100 bucks for the best cable or dsl available locally from isps

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But how do all the hackers do it?

by griffinwebnet In reply to Internet without ISP

Actually very recently there was a story i read about a hacking node discovered. whoever set it up rented a hotel room and used the telephone jack in the room and set up an entire server system that acted as an Internet Exchange Point and used it to automate a bunch of illegal stuff. i guess there was like $10000 of equipment in that room, and it was paid for for like a year in advance. the police didnt understand how they didnt find it sooner because of the amazing amount of bandwidth it was using over telecom lines(that werent serving dsl) and they werent registered with the organisations that assign addresses and stuff. they only found it because they figured out that the credit card number that was paying for the rooms didnt exist or have money (because the node in that room was making the credit card systems think it did).

How is this possible? what could they have used to accomplish this. Everyone keeps saying that id need to register with the internet numbers registry, but that costs alot and the guys that set up that node were no paying for it. and apparently that wasnt the illegal part it was the other stuff that they were doing.
How did they get their address? How did they connect without an isp? what software did they use?????

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Are you aware of this fact?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to But how do all the hacker ...

Newspapers are written by journalists.
And journalists like to be paid.
So the journalists have to write their fivehundred words or five thousand, and they have to make it both interesting and understandable... but at the same time, they don't themselves understand the cyberforensics speak of the people they interview or of the reports they read.
In the end, it has as much to do with the cyberforensics of the real event as, say the tales of the Brothers Grimm have to do with the nitty-gritty of european rural living during bygone centuries.

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1.5 TB? It's gone up in the last 15 years

by NickNielsen In reply to Internet without ISP

I knew a guy back in the 90s who had an OC3 to his house. His monthly minimum was 250 GB, which he usually achieved somewhere around mid-month.

He was an animator who did contract work for some of the major animation producers, and used the fiber link to transfer image files to and from the studios. RAW graphics, no compression. I vaguely remember him saying each file was a single screen frame and with two 10GB HDDs, he only had enough drive space to have about a second of video on his computer at a time.

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