Internet works only after restart in one of the laptop

By c_manja1980 ·
In one of the laptop think pad t-60,internet access is possible only after restart. the person using the laptop hibernates while bring back laptop back to office after home use.Here back in office he docks the computer and able to login to company's domain account but unable to browse the net either via company's LAN or through the company's wireless connection.But after reboot ever thing seems to work fine why is this happening and i don't want to reboot the system to access the internet,
what can be done for this? please help me out.

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When the Laptop was being used at home

by ComputerCookie In reply to Internet works only after ...

it had a different IP, when you resume from hibernate it still has the same IP!!!!!!

Renew the IP address when it is connected to the work network or tell the fool to shutdown before they leave home to conserve battery power.

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tryed the same , but still it doesnt work.

by c_manja1980 In reply to When the Laptop was being ...

tried the same,for both wireless and the LAN connections but still it doesn't work until we restart the laptop, what to do in such cases?

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I seriously don't see your problem here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to tryed the same , but stil ...

My own laptop always complained if I attempted to go online directly after recovery from hibernation.

However, once I thought about the 1GB I would be saving, I deleted the hibernation file and just shutdown completely.

Just shut the laptop down before transport. You're already wasting more time uselessly fumbling for a solution (docking, recovering, restarting) than it would take to boot from cold anyway!


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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Internet works only after ...

Look at the power saving of the network cards and make sure that it is disabled.

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