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By hjs ·
A machine I support has this crap ware on it. When you launch IE a popup comes up stating something like you machine is unprotected and you need our software at X amount of dollars. I did a search and come up with very little and nothing on how to kill it. I have installed Spybot with updates but the error is still there. Anyone know how to kill this thing? thx hjs

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by Oz_Media In reply to

A few things to try:

HijackBlaster will scan and remove any broswer hijacks (sounds likely).

You should also download IESPy AD, it's a tiny app that adds a known ad blocking list to you list of browser certificates and helps prevent further ad pop ups and jijacks.
IE SPY A (Download is about 1/3 down the page)

If all else fails, try ADAWARE which seems to catch more malware than SPyBot but is very similar

Lastly, click START>RUN and type MSCONFIG then hit Enter,

Click the Startup.ini Tab and run down the list. These are ALL programs that load on boot. You can uncheck what you don't want to load, eg: Realplayer etc.

You can also dig into the WIN.INI file and check the parameters in the IE BOOT file to see what is scxheduled to run with IE, but you should be able to resolve this before getting that far.

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by mickjj In reply to

Search your running processes through task manager for a exe or com file with the above or similar name,kill the process then search through your Program Files and you should find a directory with much the same name, Delete it and you should be ok.
I recommend getting a copy of WinPatrol at, a excellent product for keeping tabs on not only startup processes but also cookies and spyware

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by briantruitt In reply to

In addition to the other great answers, you can try using StartUP from It contains the registry settings from everything, i.e. Local Machine, Current User, etc., in the Start up and Run Once folders. It comes in handy, especially with Windows 2000, since it doesn't have msconfig.

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by Antknee26 In reply to

You can also download XP's MSCONFIG file. It works with 2k.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Antknee26, from what I've read there IS a msconfig in XP but it needs to be extracted from the i386 folder and installed independantly as it is disabled in the XP setup files.

Just food for thought, or research.

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