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    intervew in Big 4


    by jiansec ·

    Hello, I got an on-site interview for a position in Professional Service of a big 4. I came from a small company ang went through the HR and technical phone interview. This is my final round. It seems the interviewers are director and manager. Generally speaking, what would they like to ask? the personality questions or more technical ones? What should I pay attention to?
    To be low key or aggressive?

    I appreciate your answers.

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      My perspective

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to intervew in Big 4

      I’ve never been at the big 4 (or 5) but I have worked for a Fortune 100 company.

      By the time you get to the last interview, they are not looking for a technical fit – they already think you fit. They may ask you a technical question, but they are probably more interested in how well you articulate your ideas than how much you know.

      Always sell yourself. I have personally made the mistake of being too low key. Think about what you can do for them – what do they need that you have?

      An old boss of mine taught me the three things you look for in a Candidate;

      Can they do it?
      This is probably screened out by now – they are wasting a directors time if they don’t already know you can do it.

      Will they do it?
      This speaks to drive, determination, ambition.

      Will they fit in?
      Find out something about the corporate culture to see if there is a match between it and you. It could be your approach to teamwork, work-life balance, all kinds of issues. Find out what thet are like and identify some commonalities.


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      Let me tell you a story

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to intervew in Big 4

      Happened to me.
      Got interviewed by the IT Director, talked about standards, documentation, quality development strategies and introducing discipline into the development process. Good interview, I’m in here I thought.
      Second interview by development manager, talked about the same stuff and he said he was more concerned with getting stuff out of the door as quick as possible.
      Tip make sure these people are rowing in the same direction, and preferably in the same boat.
      Development manager didn’t want me, reason, too forthright. What a wanker !

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      Reply To: intervew in Big 4

      by jiansec ·

      In reply to intervew in Big 4

      My interview went well. The director interview talked about the organization. He only asked me what I am doing now. Simple. I asked a killer question for the director:” what are the weaknesses of the organization” which surprised him. He later talked a lot about this part.

      I had an interesting talk with the senior which turned out to technolgies discussion and clients skills sharing. We engaged the talk so much that we run out of the time, which should be 45 minutes and it was 1:30 minutes.

      The manager only asked me some small questions and asked which level I wanted to be in organization. They have staff, senior and manager level. I said senior even my work history is a little shorter than the requirement but I think my experiences and skills are matched to senior level.

      Later, they told me HR will contact me in early next week.
      During my talk, I felt that they are very busy with what they do and don’t have enough professionals to do that. It seems the manager is a little unhappy since I spent too much time talking with senior.

      Well, no matter what result is, I had good experience and I knew where I were. The methodologies and technies we used are very similar even they are big 4.

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