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By Andy_Steadman ·
Hi, I've got an interview this week for an IT Technitian job, I'm at University (1st year), I'm basically looking for any advice or tips to help me make the interview run smoothly.

I have no previous experience apart from what I have achieved academically, and therfore have no relevent references to take with me, which leaves me with the question, Should I take anything at all with me to the interview?

Any advice will be greatfully recieved,

thanks in advance.

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Be yourself and be professional

by Kaydi In reply to Interview Advice

Umm, it's Technician not Technitian )

Wear a suit and tie and dress shoes .. looks go a long way as they really are the first impression someone has of you. Smile but don't laugh too much. Being professional means this is work (as opposed toa pub), leave your personal problems and such at home.

If you can, have a buddy or maybe even one of your profs give you a dry run through.

Be honest and upfront. Don't pretend you know something if you don't. Do express your enthusiasm, your strengths and special interests.

Read up on the company if you can find any information. You could take a list of references that you have (make sure you've told your references that they may be contacted by a potential employer).. take a pen in case you have fill in any HR forms.

Good luck .. I hope you get the job if not then you'll have some interview experience !

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Be prepared to answer questions

by Shamjones In reply to Be yourself and be profes ...

As Kaydi states, don't pretend to know something if you do not, but, don't be afraid to state how you would go about researching a problem in order to produce a solution. This doesn't apply to a vague question such as 'Are you a Unix god?', but canbe useful if you are asked a question pertaining to a specific scenario. This can show your resourcefulness and the level of confidence you have in yourself.
Also be prepared for the dreaded question 'What is your largest weakness?'. Be honest with this question (without getting personal), but make the interviewer aware of how you intend to overcome that weakness, and how you are currently working to better yourself professionally.
But overall, be honest. You don't want to get caught in a scenario where you are in over your head.
Good luck

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Be yourself

by kitkat514 In reply to Interview Advice

Andy, be natural, be you, if you try to be the greatest gift to IT you will be blown wide open.
You are looking for an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge.
Decide what area of IT YOU want to specialise in. (NT, Unix, Networking, security etc).

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