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Interview for Management position.

By brownwondergirl ·
I am interviewing for a promotion to a management role for the helpdesk. I am currently in the team leader position. I am looking for suggestions or advice on how to prepare for this interview. This is not the first time I've interviewed for this role and not the first time I've interviewed with the person who was also recently promoted to dept supervisor. The person I'm interviewing with considers himself an expert interviewer. The interview is weighed more than past performance or accomplishments.

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Behavioural interviewing

by JamesRL In reply to Interview for Management ...

Many companies use this technique.

The basis for it is to uncover your core competancies and see if they match up with the core competancies someone has designated necessary for the job.

They aren't about experience per se, but rather how you approach things.

Core competancies for management include the same for most jobs(team work, influence, problem solving) plus management (coaching/mentoring, planning etc).

The structure is something like this:
Tell me about a time had to face an angry customer. What was the situation, what did you do and what was the result.

You can prepare by thinking about those kinds of stories, and planning which ones you might use. You can use stories where things didn't work out well, but you learned a lesson. Remember this is not about grading your performance as much as uncovering your attittude and approach to work.

There are books on Behaviourial interviewing, but I am betting if you ahve been interviewed by her before, you would recognize the pattern.

Good luck.


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by brownwondergirl In reply to Interview for Management ...

I expect some financial questions regarding revenue and cost analysis. Unfortunately I don't have much experience in this area.

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Don't be afraid

by dmarston In reply to Financials

to say "I don't know, But to find out I would do XXXXX", If you are fairly comfortable with the person who is doing the interview, you can also turn it around and ask something like "If you feel I would be a good fit for the position, what training / education opportunities are going to be made available to me so I may perform this job better" (obviously worded to fit the situation). This shows that you are eager and willing to learn new skills.

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