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Interview of a pacifist in my family:

By Sean ·
(Interview of Debra Dickerson in Hixson, TN. from a few months back):

Q: Do you support intolerance of Christianity but tolerance of every other known religion?

Debra: "I don't support the intolerance of ANY religion."

Q: Do you support making English an official language of the United States?

Debra: "No. It doesn't have to be the only language. There can be others."

Do you support letting our nation keep its borders wide open to anyone including immigrants?

Debra: "Yes. I think anyone should be able to come here if they need help from us, and even if they don't follow all of the laws about immigration."

Q: Really?? Even if it means that they should be given free medical care, including surgery?

Debra: "Yes. That is what (Jesus) Christ would have done. He would not have made them abide by certain laws, but he would have helped them and healed them, no matter who they were."

Q: Do you believe in granting amnesty to over 30 million illegal aliens?

Debra: "Yes, if they need our help."

Q: Do you think it is okay to take people's rights away of the 2nd Amendment?

Debra: "Yes."


Well, there you have it. How can we win a war like the one on terror when my own stepmother wants to let the border stay open?

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The war on terror

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Interview of a pacifist i ...

is lost because we consider it an external thing.

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Intersting that you posted

by Michael Jay In reply to Interview of a pacifist i ...

today, but joined tomorrow.

Time travel is a beautiful thing.

Lies suck.

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I see no indication of pacifism in the post....

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Interview of a pacifist i ...

Don't get me wrong I don't mind pacifists.

You can safely leave them 'til last....

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