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interview questions

By phyrite83 ·
I have a job interview tomorrow for a help desk/entry level networking or sytems administrator posittion.the problem is i have limited experience.i just have a bachelors in computer science.question is what kind of questions should i expect?

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by PSer In reply to interview questions

On the Company, Network Env., Interview process, etc. To many possibilities to be of much help.

"i just have a bachelors in computer science" ... there's a problem right there, if I may. I would advice a different sentence structure for that little bit of info.! If you are not sure of the answer to any given question, humbly admit that you lack the real world experience to have ALL of the answers while at the same time expressing your desire and commitment to learn everything you can about "their" environment. I always like to express that "if I don't know <insert specific app. or env.> anything about it ... I WILL soon know everything about it!

Use key words ... loyalty, honesty, desire, commitment, integrity, pride, excitement, enthusiasm ... you get the idea.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes!!!

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Tell us about a time when you used....

by sgt_shultz In reply to interview questions

...whatever skills they bulleted in the job description (you asked for a rec'd a detailed job description, yes?)
like, tell us about a time when...
-you managed a frustrated user/diffused a hostile user.
-you solved a problem with software/hardware with which you were not familiar
-you taught yourself a skill to get a job done
-you trained an end user (about security or email, both sure winners)
-you recognised a problem was beyond your scope and got help to resolve it
-you documented/wrote/advocated network policy, user guides, job aids

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Ask and answer your own question

by maxwell edison In reply to interview questions

Before you go into an interview, you "WILL" know more about that company than any other applicant. And you will answer the question that YOU would have asked to show you're the obvious choice for the position.

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That's real hard to predict

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to interview questions

They'll be expecting you to 'know' the basics, so the technical questions should n't be too bad.

Try and find out as much as you can about them. Customer base, market, who they deal with....

I went for one interview and got talking to the taxi driver on the way, got some good local colour on the firm, managed to work this info in during the interview as well, came in handy.

If you don't know the answer say so, but add how you would find out.

If you are not sure of the answer, maybe the question was ambigous, so ask one back to narrow it down.

If they ask you how you would deal with situation X, upset customer for instance.
Calm, polite, extract information from them. Explain why you are asking something 'obvious'.

The ability to ask good questions should be far more valuable than being able to answer bad ones.

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Here are a few more suggestions

by DadsPad In reply to interview questions

To repeat what was above, gather all information you can about the place you are interviewing for and what you will be supporting.

I still remember what it was like getting a job in this industry.
Resume and cover letter.

When you go to the interview have many extra copies of your resume. Some times you may interview with several people. While in the interview write down the name and position of the interviewer, get their business card if possible. Immediately after any interview try to make notes on specifics that were discussed. The decision to hire will probably be after all interviews are done, so you will usually have to wait to see if you have the job.

Use this time as soon as you can, after the interview to write a cover letter to each person you interviewed. Use good paper and envelope to stand out. Use a professional letter style, and only about 2 paragraphs, proper grammer and punctuation count, get help if you need it. Mention specific questions that the interviewer asked and how you can contribute to the company/department. Send out these cover letters with attached resume the same or next day. You may be surprised how these cover letters are appreciated.

If a desktop services job, there is phone and field support. Phone support, you will have to be friendly and be able to ask questions to pull information from customers. Some places require you to sell additional products to customers. For field support you need to know your way inside a pc/printer/etc. Questions will be related to these. If it is server administration, then you will get questions concerning server software issues.

Good luck, try coming back here and posting what happened.

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