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By jason9177 ·
i was given these questions during my last interview, what's the best way to answer?

Q.yr CEO's wife need u to tell her his password urgently. how do u reject her? you are the only one in the office.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Interview Questions

Her husband, your boss, is VERY particular about his password and you are simply not authorized to give it to ANYONE. Therefore in the best interests of the company and your position, you must deny offering the infomation until you have spoken with him directly and received permissions, sorry but there's nothing you can do about it until then.

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by JamesRL In reply to Explain

If you makie it personal, then she trumps you, cause she knows him better.

You have to use corporate policy - it is the written corporate policy that we never let 3rd parties know password. The punishment is up to and including dismissal. Sorry maam I can't provide you that password, but if you have your husband contact me and approve me releasing it(in writing or via email) then I will be happy to do it for you.

I had something similar in real life - VP wanted security software removed from PC - I said as soon as head of IT security authorised it, I would do it that day. Never got the call.


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It is definitely NOT making it personal

by Oz_Media In reply to NO

She in NO way trumps your decision to follow boss's orders.

"Therefore in the best interests of the company and your position, you must deny offering the infomation "

How does this make it personal?

Your employer asked you to NOT give out his password. Nothing personal, you are doing your job.

I have run into this EXACT same issue, the boss's 'ho' (yes she was a troll), beged me for a password, all touchy feely (as if the old bag really did anything for me). I told her to basicaqlly **** off ad let me do my job, if it was a problem, she can ask her husband to set me straight. I answer to my employer not his wife.

NO policy is needed if you have been given strict verbal instructions, I don't need a peice of paper to tell someone to FO, "the boss said no, he pays my salary, I therefore say no to you".

She can ***** and whine all she wants, until the boss allows me to freely hand out his password, no go. Nothing personal, just the way it is and no need to hide behind documentation.

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how do i...

by jason9177 In reply to Interview Questions

problem is how do i turn her down???
ie. in what ways can i do/say?

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by Jinn In reply to how do i...

Are we on the same wave length here? Just turn her down like Oz and James said. A "sorry maam, but I need authorisation...etc" should be fine. Just be polite about it.

Oh and I don't understand what you mean by "in what ways can I do/say?"

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I'm sorry but

by JamesRL In reply to how do i...

I cannot do that without the proper written authorization as per our corporate policy. If you care to speak to someone in HR about that Nancy at 555-1212.

Then you call Nancy and warn her the call is coming.


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True but inneccessary

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm sorry but

I just don't see the need to drag anyone else, including HR into such a simple issue.

Her husband makes the rules, not her, end of story.

"I have been asked not to share ANY passwords with ANYONE." Done deal, no more issue. If she has a problem, talk to her friggin husband not HR. I worked with another company where nobody took resposibility because of all the retarded policies, they simply piled everything on someone else and so on until someone just said NO GO.

What happened to people posessing a spine?

If my job is jeopardized, you are NOT going to win and I don't care WHO you are.

'A simple I CAN'T do that, sorry' is all you need, how can it POSSIBLY progress past that point? NO! What else do you ned to say?

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Right on the nose !!!!!!!!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to True but inneccessary

In most corporate setups only the company president, CEO, managing partner or proprietor can request the release of a password and he will make that request of the IT boss who as the overall administrator has access to the passwords or his assistant who has authority for access only when he is on vacation. All requests are usually to be done face to face and with a written confirmation provided. So Oz is on the money and while Jim is also right his efforts at diplomacy will just keep her coming back in the hope of breaking him down. Oz's answer may not be diplomatic but it cuts off any comeback. My technique is to say sure I'll be happy to as soon as I talk to your husband or wife and I'll get right back to you. What number are you calling from? The response I get to that is usually either a stammering don't bother or a hang up, either of which suits the purpose.

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