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Interview questions needed

By jmottl ·
We're putting together a list of job interview questions for hiring a network administrator and hope our member net admins will share an interview questions that relates directly to the job. What we're looking for are those 'scenario' questions net admins are asked as part of a job interview. Thanks in advance for your help!
Judy Mottl
Senior Editor, TechRepublic

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Political scenario

by generalist In reply to Interview questions neede ...


The network has been brought down again by an end user that clicked on an email attachment that was a virus. It wasn't caught by the antivirus program you have on the email server because it is a brand new virus exploiting a newly discovered weakness in the OS.

The owner of the company is really mad at you because of the downtime the virus caused. Given that a lot of money was spent on tools to prevent such things from happening, you're being called on to explain why things got out of control.

Now how do you explain to the owner of the company that the end user IS the owner of the company or a trusted associate?

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Great question!

by jmottl In reply to Political scenario

Thank you so much for providing this great net admin interview question! It's a great help,
Judy Mottl
Senior Editor

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