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interview update

By Shellbot ·
well guys..they offered me the job!

But..i turned it down..arrgg..they were paying excellent as well

It just wasn't going to take me in the direction i needed to go, so had to say no.
Too much to learn as well..and with doing my MCAD, my brain would be fizzled.

So ok, a great ego boost though and again, proof to myself that even though i'm a right idiot at interviews, obviously i do something right!

Ok, so the hunt current contract is out on Jan got till then to find soemthing..(i DO NOT want to renew my current one..i'll go insane..can't take it anymore)

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by JamesRL In reply to interview update

That has to make you feel good.

So now you know you can do it, you should be able to knock the next interview out of the park.


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always great

by lowlands In reply to interview update

I think in a way it's one of the better things that can happen. Being able to turn down a job offer. The great feeling that you're good enough to be hired, and still being able to measure it against what your life really needs.

Congrats, and good luck on the next one!

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Good show

by NickNielsen In reply to interview update

You obviously did something right during the interview. It could have been honesty; that often works.

Best of luck in the job search. Hope you find an exact match of skillset, environment, and paycheck.

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Way to go--always good networking

by Maevinn In reply to interview update

Make sure they know you ARE interested in working for them, and identify what direction you want the job to take you. That's how I got my current job--interviewed, was offered, turned it down and explained why. They called me a month later with a job that meet my needs, and paid better than the first offer.

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That's one way to do it

by rob mekel In reply to Way to go--always good ne ...

Networking is very important.
Not only in job hunting, or better job creating, but also in finding solutions to opportunities/challenges you have.


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Aww Shelly

by CuteElf In reply to interview update

I'm proud of you.

For not following the Almighty $$$$ /Pound / Euro etc..and being true to yourself!

You did the right thing hon.

Need some help in Ireland? I'll move!


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by Shellbot In reply to Aww Shelly

you could always fill the position i will be leaving :)

i'm one of these people who have "guilt complex's" and i feel bad leaving them because they are like children...they need to be hand held for everything and are completely clueless when it comes to technology..

but i'm tired of fighting to do my job i'm sure i'll get over it :)

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Good for you :)

by rob mekel In reply to interview update

And as long as you are happy ... you can wait until the right job comes along :)

But do get the new job in time as I want to see a happy and healthy Shellbot at the meeting medio 2007 :)
and if that is not reason enough, I hope she does it for herself, as it should be :)


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by Shellbot In reply to Good for you :)

even if the right job doesn't come along..i can take a 3 month contract or so, to keep me going till i find one i want. loads of those around, so won't be a problem.

no worries..i'll be all happy and healthy for the shing ding

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by jck In reply to well..

you're doing the right thing. I took a 40%+ paycut to take the job I have now to get out of the loop of idiots.

Of course, you never get away from those. got a job description for that position you're leaving?

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