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    Interview with Non-IT Professional HR rep.


    by rakeshkanojia ·

    Most of us will agree that there has been increasing no. of non IT professionals in the middle management & Management job of IT Sector.

    There could be many reason for this, one of the most important is that the HR representation are not qualified enough to recruit IT professionals & the selection is based on good talks (e.g. the sales person). Most of the IT Professionals for not good takers & find it a little difficult to impress the HR panel.

    Question can be like.
    1.Why do you think, you are most suitable for the job?
    2.What changes do you plan to bring to improve the work environment?
    3.How would you handle an angry manager/customer etc..?
    4.Give details, in which you have handled a difficult manager/customer? How did you succeed in making them happy?
    5.Would you be happy doing a technical job or supervisor job?
    The list will go on.

    Can anyone provide any tips so that we all IT professionals can face the HR representation (not qualified enough to recruit IT professionals)? It can be any questions & good answers to that . Links etc etc.

    The bottom line it that the Non-IT Professional HR rep. like good talks, even if it is all wrong.

    Take Care

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