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    Into a hiring manager’s mind


    by blue.sun ·

    I recently had a rare insight into a hiring manager’s mind.I was revamping my resume and asked a hiring manager I was acquainted with for help,thinking I’d able to learn what HM expect from a resume.
    His comments went something like this:
    “Put in as many dates as possible.We need them!”
    “Margins should be wider”
    “Title sections should be undescored;yours are only bolded”.
    “Is that font Arial? (it was Bookman Old Style,quite Arial-like).Change it to Arial.No fancy fonts”.
    “Why do you say your knowledge of German is “medium”?.Just say is great!Who will find you out?Nobody speaks German anyway”.(Same comments re the technical skills section).
    And the last straw:
    Him:”Are the items in this list well aligned?”.
    Me:”Of course they are.The text processor aligned them for me,you know”.
    Him:”They don’t look aligned to me”.
    Me:”Look,the printed copy is picture-perfect.It doesn’t look good on screen because my monitor is cheap and quite distortes things.Why don’t we just leave anecdotal details for later?”
    Him (hurt):”Format is not anecdotal!” Then he sat at my PC and began hitting the backspace and space bar till the items looked aligned to him .(They actually described a very nice curve).
    I felt dismayed.Remember,he was a HIRING MANAGER.Is that the actual way HR sift through resumes?
    Just for the record ,my original resume (minus this manager’s “improvements”) landed me a job 2 weeks afterward.

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      by jkaras ·

      In reply to Into a hiring manager’s mind

      I understand the need for a great looking resume due to the proof of quality of work to be accepted, but it goes a little crazy at times. That guy was too anal and obviously treats the interview process as merely a formality vs. judging quality. Allinterviews are a bs contest between you and the employer. To me both are lying about work conditions etc.. to full fill each others needs (The Art of War). One thing that I hate is wearing a tie that supposed to prove that you are seriously wanting a job. If you were not serious, would you have gone anyway? What about the attitude that you convey? What’s the point of listing your hobbies? How does that make you a better qualified employee? All flash and no substance doesnt get the job done, butwe all like a pretty wrapping dont we?

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