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By Matrixcsl ·

We would like to help one of our clients create an intranet. Money is the KEY criteria (they don't want to spend a lot). They have 3 W2K servers on 3 sites with with a small no. of clients, together with a few remote access users. Can anyone suggest a cost-effective way to set up an intranet, that doesn't involve paying an external company/buying specialist software? They have MS Office docs they need to place on the intranet mostly & a database they have had developed. Thanks.

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by CG IT In reply to Intranet creation

well you've got all the makings of a domain network at hand. With W2K server just install DNS and AD. Create 2 additional sites, replicate AD between each other, Install RRAS for remote access clients, share out folders.

So for virtually $0 capital outlay and just setup labor costs, they have a domain based network to share folders and have access to shares across the sites.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: I'm assuming each site has it's own internet connection and own security setup like routers/firewalls etc. Each site just needs to link up to each other via the internet and site links created in Active Directory. Note the domain names for each site needs to be within the same domain namespace. Implicit trust between them is automatic via AD as long as they are within that namespace so you don't have to mess with creating a trust relationship.

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by tomjedrz In reply to Intranet creation


For a basic "brochure-ware" intranet . . .

-- The cheapest and easiest approach is probably to install / configure IIS on one of the Windows servers. The hardest part of this solution is to make someone responsible for maintaining the site and the links. There should be no additional licensing costs.
-- Getting the database to the web is a bit more complicated - more info is necessary. IS there an application already, what is the technology, etc.

Hope this helps.

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