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Intranet Planning

By jonnya ·
My boss wants me to come up with a high level project plan for building a company intranet. I've found several articles, but I'm looking for an outline of some of the major sub-projects and their related tasks. Does anyone know of a good site thatmight have some of this information?

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me too

by nospam99 In reply to Intranet Planning

I have a similar task. Did you receive anything back from anyone?


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I am trying to do the same.

by dcarroll In reply to me too

Has anyone found anything of interest that would provide details for intranet design? I would appreciate any feedback.


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Project Assignment

by stoooz In reply to I am trying to do the sam ...

I currently have a project / assignment to plan and research the implementation of an Intranet in a single site with about 30 users. Currently running IIS4.0. Would be thankful for any info which could be provided to me.


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Intranet project planning template

by davidnesbit In reply to Intranet Planning

Suggest you look at the templates provided with MS-Project 98 software.

There is a complete sample project plan for development of an intranet over a near 3 month period.

l'm sure you could further expand the basic template that's provided.Good luck

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by nospam99 In reply to Intranet project planning ...

Thanks for your help. This will provide a good guide with headings.

Much appreciated!

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Intranet planning

by davidnesbit In reply to

Interesting comments..

Having watched the development of a major Intranet AND Internet presence over the very short space of ~ 12 months and many $Ms later l appreciate that it appears to be a truly daunting task..

Another critical item to thegeneric project plan template is to consider that what you are really setting up is a new form of online publishing.

So, you must develop suitable documentation policies and procedures; style sheets; info change management structures; access control and data security; version control and audit trail functionality (viz, change 1 item, change all similar items); etc etc..

An excellent source of info relating to online data/info sharing can be found via the multitude of "Knowledge Mgt" siteslocated on the Web.

Other issues to consider are scalability (always upwards..), need for natural language queries, and need to migrate to XML.

Big project.. but so long as you start off in the correct modular format you ought to be able to build on the initial model as more users come online, and (importantly) as more info is placed onto it.. growth will be huge...!!


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by nospam99 In reply to Intranet planning

Thanks for your reply - good comments and observations. Obviously you are based in Australia... I am in SA. Are you with a company or consulting in the field. Might be worthwhile swapping stories?

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Keep in touch

by davidnesbit In reply to Thanks

Hi Jo,
Should organise my discussions so l receive reminder of feedback from my posts.. must do it.

Yes, l'm downunder based in VIC and working as business side PMgr for large financial institution and am involved in business process re-engineering projects, process automation, etc etc.. if any of this of interest.

Please feel free to contact on above email address.
Rgds - David

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