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    Intranet Print Command


    by shanelidden ·

    I’m a novice builder and need some direction on the best method of putting a print command into a submit button or anouther method of printing a web page from the browser that retains the information placed in text fields on the page when the page is saved as a file,can anyone help. thanks in advance

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      submit to a new page

      by john wilker ·

      In reply to Intranet Print Command

      If I recall some browsers don’t print the contents of some fields. My suggestion would be to make the button submit to a page that puts the form contents into a regular HTML file. Not only can you formati it without the form fields mucking up the design but it’s the only way I know of.

      I’ve never seen an ability to send a print command by code. I think you have to just let the user print.



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