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    Intune vs. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager??


    by TomNEK ·

    Seeking comments on how they compare.

    We are licensed for Intune, we’re also a non-profit with maybe 50-75 work phones AND various personal phones that people can use for apps like Outlook, Teams (these use a PIN so the data is encrypted)…I will want to know more about what MDM is possible with personal phones, if possible.

    Yes, I know about some of the issues with work vs. personal phones…but there have to be ways we can reduce the amount of stuff that can be involved with personal phones with for example Outlook and Teams M365 apps only…on mine I have only Teams, Outlook with a PIN and Paylocity for timecard stuff

    So ManageEngine appears very complete but it’s $24/device/year compared to Intune…

    Which is easier quicker to set up and use??

    Which is easier quicker to enroll and custom configure devices??

    The scan a QR code idea looks nice

    Mainly iPhones and several Android phones.

    Current situation is that all work phones are just given out with no control etc. on them, all such phones will have to be RE-done and set to be managed, which will result in complaints that will hopefully go nowhere…

    We need to have each iPhone with its own Apple account that I manage…I now know Apple Business Manager allows me to set up an Apple account for each phone…

    It would be nice to have the phones auto-update too the iOS and the apps, same for Android

    I have more questions but I will stop here

    Thank you, Tom

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      I looked at both but found Intune does support iOS.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Intune vs. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager??

      Why not go with what you have?

      Maybe it’s like a recent new IT staffer that wanted something easy. We sent them to training seminars so they could catch up.

      Another way to answer is I see companies that don’t answer your questions about software you pay for as companies you need to steer clear of. I don’t work for either so I can’t do their sales job for them.

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      Choosing Between Microsoft Intune and ManageEngine Mobile Device M

      by raynoraubry333 ·

      In reply to Intune vs. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager??

      Comparing Microsoft Intune and ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager (MDM) involves assessing factors like integration, cost, ease of setup, and device management capabilities. Intune integrates well with Microsoft services, while ManageEngine may offer a lower cost per device. Both provide intuitive setup and enrollment methods, with features for managing personal phones used for work, enforcing updates, and ensuring device security. The choice depends on budget, existing infrastructure, and specific feature needs.

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