Invalid Boot.ini and beep

By golferguy1 ·
thanks for a great site to come to :):)

I am befuddled, with my years of working on these, never have worked on an emachine til now, and find they are unique, so far in several ways.

Did an automatic (f11) non-destructive system recovery back to original state on a friend's computer and now upon reboot,on this XPHome. when I restart the computer a very brief message flashes on the screen indicating "Invalid Boot.ini file" and "Booting from C:\Windows" and one short beep, then the computer restarts just once over.

Once that is over, everything runs good on the box, no problems anywhere with anything.

I did find a hidden boot.ini in C and also an identical one in C:\Windows\pss.

Where did this error/beep come from and how to fix?

I have done a chkdsk /f /r, no problems there.
I ran the Seagate Tools on the HDD, just in case.

What to do now and much deep thanks. :)

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You are describing a backup file ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Invalid Boot.ini and beep

A file I would suggest you leave well alone.

The 'hidden' boot.ini in the root of C is the System file used at boot. DO NOT fiddle with this one.

Have you asked your friend ? Clearly if the machine is now in its factory state, this is the way it has always been.

I'd also be interested to know how you reckon returning a system to its original factory state can be considered as 'non-destructive'?

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by golferguy1 In reply to Invalid Boot.ini and beep
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Au contraire ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to re:

Thanks for the link.

However, you are getting your wires crossed. You posted "Did an automatic (f11) non-destructive system recovery back to original state."

I was replying to the underlined part: clearly if it didn't remove installed programs/data it DID NOT return the system to original state. :)

<Compositor error>

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Bad boot.ini

by mwhipple In reply to Invalid Boot.ini and beep

Sounds as though you have an "invalid boot.ini file". You could try recreating a boot.ini in the "Startup and Recovery" tab buried somewhere in the My Computer properties. If you boot into the Windows Recovery Console from the OS CD (or it can be downloaded somewhere), look at the "bootcfg" command.

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Have a look in Boot.ini

by Jacky Howe In reply to Invalid Boot.ini and beep

and I will bet that there is no information in it.

Copy the Boot.ini from a working XPHome PC and problem solved.

Open the case and check the Capacitors.

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by golferguy1 In reply to Have a look in Boot.ini

thanks so much Blue and Whipple :)

I will post back and let you two know how it goes and much thanks! :):)

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The other option is that

by Dumphrey In reply to re:

there is some gibberish in the boot.ini at the beginning or on the "default" boot choice. Looking at this file would be a good choice.

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The reason for stating this

by Jacky Howe In reply to re:

is the fact that I have just finished working on a PC with exactly the same symptoms. It turned out to be a couple of Bulging Capacitors and the USB Ports had stopped working.

To solve the Boot.ini problem I copied a Boot.ini file from another XPHome PC. If you watch the screen on startup it will say invalid Boot.ini starting from C:\windows.

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Please read this Carefully..

And follow the instructions,
Hope this helps you..

Invalid Boot.ini or Hal.dll error

If your PC will not boot and displays an invalid boot.ini or Windows\system32\Hall.dll error message, then you will need to repair your boot.ini file using the recovery console. To do this, boot to a Windows CD and press R to enter the recovery console. Once at the console prompt, do the following:

When prompted, type the Administrator?s password.

1. At the next prompt, type bootcfg /list and hit Enter. This will show your current boot.ini and the entries listed within.
2. Next, type bootcfg /rebuild and hit Enter. This will allow you to enter your Windows information into the boot.ini file. You will answer YES to add your installation to the boot list. You will need to specify the name of the Operating System, such as Windows XP. Lastly, you will need to add the line /fastdetect when asked about the OS loading options.
3. Once done, you can then type ?exit? and your computer will reboot with the new boot.ini file.

The exact procedure for rebuilding your boot.ini file will probably differ slightly from these instructions, depending on the configuration of your PC.

You will also need a genuine Windows XP CD for this, as a Recovery Disk provided by your manufacturer probably will not work. Major computer manufacturers prefer you simply boot to the recovery disk and reformat and reinstall your computer. If you have any more questions regarding the boot.ini or Hal.dll error message.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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