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Invalid Checksum at boot

By rosshankins8 ·
I recently acquired a laptop computer from my grandmother who just passes away. Because of that I have no idea of the history leading up to the current problem. At initial bootup I am receiving a fatal error. Invalid Checksum. Is there a way I can repair this. If so how would I go about doing it, or could you refer me to a specific manual that would cover the topic?

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by TheChas In reply to Invalid Checksum at boot

The first thing to do, is to be sure the battery is fully charged.

Usually, a checksum error at boot means that either the BIOS, or the CMOS memory has errors.

Laptops do not have the same style of CMOS settings that a desktop does.

Still, entering BIOS setup and checking the settings may be a good place to start.
Even if you make no changes, select save settings and exit when done.

If you still have the problem, next, re-seat the memory modules.

Check with the laptop manufacture and see if this model has a CMOS battery, you may need to change it.

While checking with the manufacture, see if they have an updated BIOS that you can download and install.

If you still get a checksum error, there may be a problem with the system board inside the laptop.


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by AmigaFan In reply to Invalid Checksum at boot

Have you tried to reseat the harddrive? It could be a bad contact with the connector, as it may have been dropped.
Either way below will require that you use boot disk to enter the DOS mode/Recovery Console, as I assume that you can not get into the disk at all. You could go to the hardrive manufacture's website and download the low level tools to do a diagnostic on the disk hardware.
On desktop systems running the chkdsk /F or chkdsk /R has worked for me before. It should complain that the disk is not available and ask if you want to run it at the next reboot (Win2K and Win XP). You'll have to watch the screen as it will ask you if you want the run the CheckDisk and you will have provide a key stroke or two.
A couple of times I have had to delete partitions on Win2k and WinXP systems as they had been made bootable and have ended up clashing with the original boot partition.
You may also try fixmbr in DOS. Recovery mode. Beware that the last two instances can render the disk contents unreadable, have a good recovery program available before you use them.
I use Undelete Pro and have recovered items from repartitioned drives.

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by osumiller In reply to Invalid Checksum at boot

in addition to all that has already been said, if you know the os that was on it, you might try using the command "fdisk /mbr".

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by mobiletech4u In reply to Invalid Checksum at boot

if your laptop does not past that point meaning you cannot past post.then more then likely if the pc has been sitting idle for a long period of time the bios battery is will need to contact the system dealer to obtain a new battery.
good luck

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