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    “Invalid Internet address specified” error


    by colleenf ·


    I’m getting returned mail with this error when trying to send mail to an external address, e.g. hotmail from a Domino-based application (i.e. Salesplace CRM). Only 2 (out of 30) users are experiencing this problem.
    “Error transferring to ‘mailserver’; Invalid Internet address specified.”
    I’ve found several posts here describing a similar problem, but none of the suggested fixes have worked for me so far.
    I’ve checked my location and person docs, as specified in other posts for this problem, but the details are all correct.
    Spam filters are not blocking anything.
    I’ve tried sending from different workstations, using my ID, with the same result.
    This appears in the notes log file (which is no help…):
    “2008/05/16 09:59:30 AM Router: Error transferring message 002BE4DD via SMTP to MAILSERVER OF73EE76CE:BEF4B6B5 ON4225744B:002BE4DD Invalid Internet address specified”.

    Already posted this to IBM, but no solution given.

    Can anyone assist, pls?

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      by colleenf ·

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      Just curious

      by fregeus ·

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      Are you using IPv6?

      This message seems to be coming from a router. Can you explain where the router is on your infrastructure?


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        notes log entry

        by colleenf ·

        In reply to Just curious

        No, we are using IPv4.

        However, the “router” referred to in the notes log file refers to the mail routing service on the Domino server itself.
        A trace reveals that the mail message in question does not leave the Domino server at all.

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