Invalid key code to reinstall Windows XP

By old_miner84 ·
I tried to reinstall windows xp with the original disk I purchased that had a corisponding keycode. I was unable to load it as the keycode kept coming back invalid. I tried to contact microsoft whom sent me to compaq the provider of the disk when I purchased the computer. They were unable to help without subscribing to three days of technical service. Can anyone help me to get a valid keycode to reinstall without having to pay for a service that should be provided with the cost of disk and computer.

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Odd that Microsoft couldn't help

by Tig2 In reply to Invalid key code to reins ...

Unfortunately, you have already exhausted the only things that we could suggest. Compaq should be able to provide you with new source media as it appears that the media that you have has an incompatible key code. I think that if they provide you with new source, they will also provide a new key.

Good luck!

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Two possibilities to try...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Invalid key code to reins ...

Here in the UK, goods sold are covered by the 'Sale of Goods Act' -there must be a similar fiscal policy in the USA- which states that refund/replacement is the required outcome when goods are found to be "unfit for purpose".

That is clearly the case here - it cannot be disputed.

However, before you go down that road, take a VERY close look at the COA bearing the legend of your key. Frequently users (including me on a few occasions) have been in error when entering the Product Key code. Try replacing any 'Os' with '0s' [Oh's for Zeroes - or vice versa].

You'll be surprised how often that is the problem!

Either way, good luck!

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