invalid product key code

By bornabratt1955 ·
my hard drive wouldn't boot so I put a drive from another computer in it and ran a registry cleaner and virus scan.I turned the computer off. Well when I turned it on it said my windows xp was invalid and the product key was a vlk that was reported stolen. That was installed by the company that built it. What do I do now?

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Two things

by seanferd In reply to invalid product key code

generally pulling the operating system drive from one computer, and putting it in another does not work. It might work if the computers are nearly identical.

The VLK notice may have occurred because that installation is registered to the machine you took the drive from.

Otherwise, what company installed Windows on that machine? If it was a computer retailer or repair shop, report them to Microsoft. If it was a company that you worked for which has a VLK license, get them to have a look at it if possible.

If the "Reported Stolen" part is accurate (I do not fully understand how this is determined), then definitely give Microsoft a call. Ususally, "Reported Stolen" means that MS already has it on a list of bad VLKs.

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Could be an error with the system here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to invalid product key code

Misreports of this type are quite common particularly if you have the Auto Updates turned off.

However as this is stating that it is a VLK or Volume License Key these shouldn't be on Domestic Computers unless it is from one of the Big Makers like HP who only use Volume License Product on their systems.

Depending on the type of Windows you have installed here you need to speak to the Place responsible for offering service to this version of Windows. If it is a retail version you can speak directly to M$, if however it is a OEM Version you need to contact the company/person who built the computer as they are required by their Licensing Agreement with M$ to provide the required support.

However if my experience is anything to go by in the past whenever I have get messages like this I have had to reinstall the OS to get past them.

This happened when SP1 for XP was released and applied to a Government Agencies computers and nothing was done when the original error message appeared. Till the units where switched off by M$ and then they all had to be reloaded from scratch. M$ didn't see a problem with this but I did mainly because I was in an office with 2,500 computers that required reloading/reimaging before they would work again.


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by seanferd In reply to Could be an error with th ...

Not a problem, huh?

Thanks for the further info.

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Well apparently not according to the guy from M$

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Geez

It should only take 40 minutes to an Hour to do a Repair Install so I asked how long it would take to copy 2,500 Install Disc's. He just responded that wasn't allowed.


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