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"invalid system disk..." wut do i do?

By pr0baller ·
hi there guys and grls im trying to help out a friend he's only 10 and every time he turns on his pc 2 messages appear on his screen. the first one is something about "searching for boot record from IDEO o.k" and then that is followed by: "invalid system disk replace disk and press any key" is this fixable? please help.

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by ReWrite In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

Maybe, maybe not. Can you boot from a boot disk and access the drive? If so, then you can probably salvage the drive. If you don't have a boot disk go to and download one for the os you are using. Boot from the boot disk. Since the message you are getting says the system cannot find the boot record let's attempt to repair that first. From your boot disk type "fdisk /mbr" (no quotes). That will attempt a repair on the mbr. Remove the boot disk and try to boot normally.

The bigger question is what made this happen. If he uses thepc on the internet then check for viruses and malware. Make sure you are scanning using the latest definitions. You can get a free anti-virus app at (AVG 7 free). You can get free adware/malware scanners at:

(AdAware SE and Spybot Search & Destroy) respectively. They are all verygood products.

Post back with any further problems.



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by mikex In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

Boot from a win98 StartUp disk => type in the DOS prompt:sys c:=>Hit Enter

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by aseem_kumar_2001 In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

Try out the method given in first answer
OR if nothing of this works then
boot up with any bootable cd of windows 98 or 2000 and reinstall your OS

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by Jessie In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

First - make sure there's not ALREADY a floppy or a bootable CD (though I've RARELY had probs with CDs) in the drive, THEN follow the above instructions.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one.

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by Poettone In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

The message you describe is pretty normal when something has gone wrong with your boot signature.
Hence invalid system disk.

There are a few things you can do depending on the OS involved..

If your on Windows 2000 or XP with NTFS then booting to a Win98 disk will do you no good, as Fat (Win9 can't see NTFS formatted partitions.

If the OS is windows 98 then boot to the start up disk and run this command:


This can repair a damaged Master Boot Record (sometimes)

Good Luck..

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by DouglasB In reply to "invalid system disk..." ...

Since there may be a problem with the hard drive, you might want to go to the driver manufacturer's web site and download their drive utility to check the drive, otherwise you fix it and the problem comes right back.

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