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By azizvu ·
I am a VB programmer and having a problem while developing an inventory application. There is need a Reorder Level integration in my application. Can anyone tell me how can i program this Reorder Level Indication. Mean to say that
If the number of anything in my inventory goes down from Reorder level. then the program gives you the Indication. How can make that in my application.


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Indicate where ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Inventory Software ::. Re ...

On the display.
Send a messsage to the ordering system.
Log a need to re-order.

Do you mean auto detect the need to re-order?

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by azizvu In reply to Indicate where ?

Yes I mean it that it automatically detect the re-order. Is there any other method to show the re-order level at your point that should be very useful and helpful also for the user?

Do you mean auto detect the need to re-order?

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Am I missing something here ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Indication

Part Quantity ReOrderLevel
1 10 5
2 5 10

Just display it, if Quantity < ReOrderLevel, change the text color,
or put a suitable image next to it,
or show the related order and it's status

If you know the re-order level of the item and the quantity in stock, it's if one is les s than or equal to the other?

Why don't you ask the users how they would like to see it displayed?

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