Inverted printing

By Phil ·
Hi, I have a very unusual problem that is getting me nowhere fast. I have an HP 5740 printer connected to an xp pro desktop pc via usb. This printer is shared on this pc via a hard wired Belkin LAN card onto a Belkin wireless modem router. I also have an HP Pavillion laptop running Vista Home Premium, which connects to the network via the built in wireless function. The problem is if a document is printed from the Vista box, it prints off completely inverted, it looks fine if you hold it up to the light and read it from behind!. I have checked the network is seeing both macines by ping, Have reinstalled the drivers twice, checked the firewall settings and that network discovery, printer and file sharing are enabled. Hp Support have been sympathetic but have not come up with any better ideas than my own. Any help would be very appreciated.

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You're printing transparencies?

by Kenone In reply to Inverted printing

If you're printing to regular paper maybe that should be what you select.

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printing to paper

by Phil In reply to You're printing transpare ...

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, I am trying to print to good old fashioned paper. The wierd thing is that the printer prints fine at the xp pc and fine at the laptop if it is wired direct via usb, but it inverts the print if the laptop tries to print to the xp box wirelessly via the network.
Many thanks for your time anyway.

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Transfer Printing?

by Bizzo In reply to Inverted printing

A number of printers have the functionality to print on transfers which will "mirror image" the print. Have a look at the properties of the printer to see if "mirror image" or "transfer printing" is checked.

Alternatively you could try putting the paper in the other way around! :)

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