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Looking for recommendations:

I am joining an investment group that funds settled slip & fall cases. The individual investor wires money in various directions once a contract is agreed upon, but we do not have a good way to track funds by investor today. Frustrating, I know.

At this point, it is 1-2 people managing a spreadsheet for our investors and I'm looking for an out of the box solution to consider that might provide tracking and visibility to each member.

In my mind, something engineered for supply chain could work, but may have myriad unnecessary modules.


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What Mutual Fund are you availing?

by engineeringera In reply to Investment Fund Tracking

OP please let us know which MF are you using, and provide some additional details for the same (are they domestic or international).

As far as I know, you can call up your agent anytime you wish. Big MF's have their very own apps to let you keep a track anytime.

You should really hold the firm to all accountability. Keep yourself in the loop by calling/emailing/ sms-ing, etc.

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Fund tracking

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Investment Fund Tracking

Mutual fund websites list their Net Asset Value (NAV). You can compare the mutual fund's benchmark index, the index chosen by the mutual fund company to serve as a standard for its returns.

To know how your fund is performing, you should also compare it with other funds in the same category. A mutual fund scheme's performance cannot be judged in isolation. In addition to the fund fact sheets of the schemes, there are also dedicated websites that track mutual fund performance. You can keep track of how your scheme is performing vis-vis its peers in the same category over a monthly, quarterly or a half yearly period.

When looking up the report card of your invested scheme, it always advisable to look out for the below important parameters and changes that may affect the performance of the fund.

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