Invitation / Registration tracking via QR codes?

By RodChaves ·
I'm looking to implement a solution for a big company event and i thought about proposing a qr code solution, which would pretty much work like this.

1. User registers for event.
2. System generates a url for the user's profile with this information (name, address, id, how many people will come with them to the event.
3. System will generate a qr for the url generated at the point of registration
4. Users will scan QR code the day of the event and will confim the number of guests coming to the event via the url.

Has anyone worked on a similar solution and if so, what product do you think that would integrate my web environment with qr generation? Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps you could do it this way:

by TobiF In reply to Invitation / Registration ...

When someone registers, you send them (via email, multimedia message, or URL via SMS) a personally crafted QR code, which they should bring to the event (on paper or on the screen of their favorite pocked gadget). If someone registered 5 participants, then you send him 5 different QR codes.
So, at the registration desk, you quickly scan these codes - and Done!

In the QR itself, you could place a nice 16 character hash value, or so.
But, print some human legible reference next to the QR, in case the print/scan fails, you should have some kind of serial number to manually bring back the right registration record.

OR: If your important part is the confirmation of the number of participants, then you really don't need QR, you just send an email or SMS with a personal URL, the night before the event, where the responsible person can reconfirm the number of participants.
(Oh, yes, this URL you might consider to add as a QR, as well, so that the user could print it in his office and then visit the link from his mobile, while he is sitting in the cab next morning...)

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by RodChaves In reply to Perhaps you could do it t ...

Thanks a lot Tobi. That is what i was thinking on doing. Now the big question that i have is which application would generage those QRs automatically after each regristration? Do you have any insight on that?

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