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Involuntary XP Pro Log On Change

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends;
I am in need of a little help and advice and naturally as a Tech, I'm feeling more than just a little embarassed by even having to ask.
However, mustering up my courage I am in hopes that the Tech Community will be able help me with what may seem to some a rather "Small Problem', but to me it's an annoyance that I would very much like to solve.
I have always lived by the axiom, that it's better to ask than to "Foul up Everything" and then admit your lack of knowledge.I cold think of No better place to go for help,than my own home Tech team.
So, I'm asking for your help.
I wish to install PC Anywhere 10 on my Windows XP Pro. No problem in the Installation, Set-up etc.
The problem lies in the way it changes and alters my Windows XP start up Logon.
I don't want to change the way my system on now and have no desire to have PC Anywhere do it for me.
I have tried everything I could think of to disable this Log On Alteration but all to no avail.
I then wrote to Symantec re; this and have never even received a reply.
Huge surpirise there :}.
I am at a loss as to how to install it without allowing it to change the method by which my System and XP Starts up.

Any help, you wonderful people could give, would be most gratefully appreciated.

Thanking you in Advance
A Very Embarrased
Aaron A Baker

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PC Anywhere messes up XP Login

by kccole01 In reply to Involuntary XP Pro Log On ...

Hi Aaron,

Sorry but you are out of luck; PC Anywhere breaks the XP-introduced "user switching" type of login and forces you to go back to the way it was on NT. The Symantec code apparently needs the specific security DLLS that support only the old method.

Try using Dameware if you really need to have your users log in that way.


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Thanks for trying

by Aaron A Baker In reply to PC Anywhere messes up XP ...

Hi Casey;
Thanks for the Info. I've been driving myself nuts trying to figure this one out.
Guess it can't be done unless Symantec changes the way PC Anywhere an be adjusted and/or configured.
I appreciate your taking the time to reply to me and I thank you very much for the help and advice.
I will look up Dameware.

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Use dameware

by KestrelVt In reply to Thanks for trying

Dameware is cleaner, easier and has more options/controls than PCanywhere. We used Dameware on 20,000 seat rollout and worked great!!!

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Try this...

by jdumont In reply to Involuntary XP Pro Log On ...

First off, 10.0 is not compatible with xp but 10.5 is.

Secondly, the login feature will still be disabled after installing 10.5 but there is a patch from symantec to fix this.
Good Luck

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Thanks for the Help

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Try this...

I have both PC Anywhere 9 and 10 and they both do the same. But not on my Widows Milliennium.
I'll check out your idea.
Thanks for the help
Aaron a Baker

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another choice

by KestrelVt In reply to Involuntary XP Pro Log On ...

I have used Dameware on small networks and large corporate environment, Without any of the mentioned problems. I prefer it! Check it out.

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Sorry it took so long to say Thanks!

by Aaron A Baker In reply to another choice

Dear Jeff;
My Apologies for seeming as though I didn't care about the replies. Rest assured, I do. I've just gotten a little crazy and fell a little behind.
Thanks for the info.
I will defenitely look it up and try it out.
Strange Huh?
All I want is to be able to work on another computer without goin through MS or Messenger or some other organization and it seems to be a real problem.
I shall keep a trying though.
Thanks again,
Both for the comeback and your patience.
Warmest Regards
Aaron A baker

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