Iomega External HD USB port failure

By DonDefy ·
I have an Iomega 31706500, purchased several years ago. I haven't used it in in over a year. Today when i plugged it in under Win7 the usb port was not recognized i.e. as if nothing was plugged in

I also tried win xp to no avail.

I have opened the case and didn't notice any disconnections

The drive also get very hot but there is no clicking sound on it.

Device manger obviously does not recognize it either i.e. not present on the list as if nothing is plugged in.

Any ideas?

Warm Regards,

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Many possibilities

by M@gnesium In reply to Iomega External HD USB po ...

I would recommend trying one/all of the following:
1)try a different cable
2) Use this to troubleshoot further:http://tinyurl.com/ycmwx3h
3)try disabling the host controller via device manager

and if this doesn't work, I'd also try another drive enclosure.

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by DonDefy In reply to Many possibilities

I already tried a different cable to no avail, i will now try step 2 and 3

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RE: Any ideas?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Iomega External HD USB po ...

When it was connected to a XP System did you look in Drive Management? If not it's possible that the Partition Information is corrupt and that will not show anywhere but Drive Management where you will be prompted to format the drive.

Well the bit that stuck out was

The drive also get very hot but there is no clicking sound on it.

Which part was getting hot?

If it's the HDD itself and this unit has not been running long there is something drastically wrong going on.

If it is the Interface Card between the USB Lead and the HDD this is a sign of a Electrical Short Circuit.

This could be caused by either a simple Short Circuit in the Actual Electronics or it could be that the Plug Pack is malfunctioning and no longer supplying the 12 V DC and has gone high supplying more than the stated 12 V. It's also possible that the amount of current available from the Plug Pack is too low and this will overload the Interface Card causing heat to build up.

Of course if this isn't the Plug Pack that came with the Drive then it's always possible that it's the wrong voltage and causing the problem.


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More info

by DonDefy In reply to RE: [i] Any ideas?

1. Yes the drive management didn't recognize any devices. Plus i need the data of it formatting is not an option at the moment.

2. It was the actual case which was getting hot. I took out the hard drive and the actual hdd was burning up. It could be that the controller is gone and it spins at max revs constant?

3. The plug pack is not the original, its however a 12V DC 2A converter the hard drive only draws 12v 1.5A so it shouldn't be a problem. Ive also tried using it with a different plug pack to no avail same heating problem.

4. I don't feel like taking out an oscilloscope any ideas? or do i have to go probing every pin ?

PS thx for you suggestions

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RE: Plus i need the data of it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to More info

Well that sort of fixes things real quick.

I would suggest packing up the drive and sending it of to a Data Recovery Company preferably one who can work with Dead HDD's.

As for the heat that the drive is generating if it gets hot very quickly in under a couple of minutes there is a short circuit in the Platter Motor if that's the case you need to send the drive to someone who can dismantle it and read the data off the platters. Not Cheap I might add. :0


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