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Iomega REV

By evmafau ·
I am researching a new backup solution for our company. We were using a DLT Tape, but compatibility issues with our new server (done before I joined the company) has made it impractical to make the adjustments for the external DLT we have. I started hearing about the Iomega REV and was curious if anyone has had any experience about the drive/media?


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We have one

by jdj7overflow In reply to Iomega REV

We bought one for our server, the auto loader which came with ArchServe version 11.1 backup software.
The bad thing for us is that the software can?t backup a open SQL database or Exchange.
So we bought the version 11.5 that does and $1,137.87 later our IT people can?t make it work.
Iomega says it?s listed in device manager so it?s fine and ArchServe is stumped.

So be warned if you plan on backing up SQL or Exchange, you will have a fight on your hands.

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by scott.buchanan In reply to We have one

Our experience with a dozen Rev drives is: don't.

Iomega is very slow to update to newer Windows Service Packs. The Iomega solution to Windows Server 2003 SP1 was to uninstall SP1. This went on for over eight months.

Revs are recognized as CD drives by Small Business Server 2003, and no fix for this.

Iomega support is historically dismal to bad.

The data throughput is much slower than any other backup medium we?ve experienced.

We no longer recommend Iomega, as we believe it is a consumer company pretending to be an enterprise level hardware company.


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look at the whole picture

by jalexmason In reply to Iomega REV

I use the REV drive at home as well as sell them, and I have to say that you need to watch the compatibility matrix of the backup software that you are using. The rev drive looks like a cd/dvd to a windows system and you may need extra licenses for your backup software in order to backup properly. I would not recommend using the automatic backup program that it ships with because it does not give you any open file protection. Something more standard like symantec's backup exec or Computer Associates Brightstor work well with this unit in a standalone drive configuration. Stay away from the autoloader because it doesn't have any software support from a major backup software manufacturer. Hope this helps...

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Best Back Up Solution

by Nacromancer In reply to Iomega REV

We have found that the best back up solution for our business as well as others is an external tower that houses removable Hard drives. These can be configured in either ATA, SATA 1 or 2, SCSI, or my personal favorite SCSI 2 Ultra WIDE which can string together as many as 16,000 removable drives.
Note the key word is REMOVABLE!!! Most of your off site back up solutions use this simular configuration for their clients. Even we are concidering getting into the business as well in the future.
You can set it up like you would any RAID system by Task the System to Automatically back up Incrementally or Dynamically from a specific drive location to an off site location(s) which will send back a cataloged drive location so you can retrieve your data, how much space was used and free space information with details as to what data was backed up. Then the drive with the back up data can be removed for storage and another formatted drive prepared for replacement using the same I/O address and configuration. And with the lowering costs of HDD's these days it is the best way to even back up and catalog Old Client Files and Data to keep safe and retrievable for later use.

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