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IOS 5: it just works

By robo_dev ·
I have to give Apple credit: my creaky old iPhone 3GS works very well with IOS 5.

The new features simply work, the interface is nicer looking and very useful, and so far I've found no issues or bugs.

The pull-down notification screen and the way that messages can put a notification bar at the top of an app is very handy.

Changes like the camera-launch button on the lock screen and the notifications on the lock screen are very helpful. Some of the new apps such as NewsStand and Find iPhone and Find Friend apps are very neat. The ability to do simple editing of photos is handy, although it's controls are not as precise as the PhotoShop express application.

Some people have reported that the new OS hurts battery life a lot...have not really tested that yet, but mine seems just the same as it was before after a couple of days of use.

I am now tempted to get an Apple TV set-top-box for the ability to do AirPlay...this lets me stream music/video from iphone to the TV, show photos on TV, and do PhotoStream, Netflix and so forth.

I was looking at getting a Roku or Monsoon Lava set-top box, but the Apple TV now looks like a cooler toy.

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