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    iOS/Swift or Java and Angular


    by stojanovicmarkosrb ·

    I’m an IT student and I should choose between 4 optional subjects on my college. Is it worth choosing two iOS/Swift subjects over Java subject and Angular subject? I’ve heard that Java and C# are very similar and therefore is it choosing Java subject redundant becuase I already have mandatory C# subject? Also, what is popularity of each of these technologies on the market?

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      I’ll disagree on the C# Java statement.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to iOS/Swift or Java and Angular

      Have worked in both, similar but not same. Still had to work to get going on a Java project.

      -> For me I worked in embedded, PC/Windows and Android apps so iOS would only be for those that want to try to tackle or crack into the Apple culture and garden walled systems. Apple’s penchant for closed systems removed them as candidates years ago so such a class would only be educational and maybe nothing more.

      If you are going for Apple related jobs, let that guide you here.

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